The Top 10 Knockouts In ONE Super Series

Petchdam Petchyindee Academy lands a head kick

When ONE Super Series launched last year, fans were promised they would see incredible Muay Thai and kickboxing action in ONE Championship. They would not be let down.

Scores of World Champions arrived into The Home Of Martial Arts and began to deliver unforgettable battles and awesome knockouts at every event on the global stage.

These are the top 10 KOs from ONE Super Series’ superstar strikers so far.

#10 Han Zi Hao Vs. Ryan Jakiri

The Philippines’ Ryan Jakiri had a rude welcome to The Home Of Martial Arts when he ate one of the cleanest right crosses you will ever see, courtesy of Han Zi Hao.

At ONE: PURSUIT OF GREATNESS, it was a counter shot from the Chinese superstar that landed flush on the chin and knocked his rival stiff after 99 seconds.

#9 Brown Pinas Vs. Yohann Fairtex Drai

When it comes to counter strikes, few are more spectacular than Brown Pinas’ spinning elbow at ONE: WARRIOR’S DREAM.

The Dutchman responded to the advancing Yohann Fairtex Drai by turning on a dime and crashing the point of his arm into his assailant’s jaw.

#8 Alaverdi Ramazanov Vs. Andrew Miller

If you had blinked at ONE: HEART OF THE LION, you might have missed Alaverdi “Babyface Killer” Ramazanov’s stunning uppercut.

The decisive blow came on the end of a rapid-fire three-punch combination that floored Andrew “Maddog Fairtex” Miller inside a minute.

#7 Regian Eersel Vs. Anthony Njokuani

Regian Eersel DSC_8527.jpg

Regian “The Immortal” Eersel earned the chance to become ONE Lightweight Kickboxing World Champion with this second-round flurry at ONE: CALL TO GREATNESS.

The flying Dutchman stayed grounded this time against Anthony Njokuani, but he combined his punches and knees with such speed, the American could not stay standing.

#6 Yukinori Ogasawara Vs. Rui Botelho

Even if Yukinori Ogasawara competes for another 25 years, he may never connect with such a perfect strike as his spinning elbow on Rui Botelho at ONE: PINNACLE OF POWER.

The Japanese hero stepped in and pivoted on his left foot to connect with a glancing blow that put his opponent down. Though he got up to his feet, the impact made sure he could not find sure footing, and the contest was called.

#5 Petchmorakot Petchyindee Academy Vs. Liam Harrison

It took Petchmorakot Petchyindee Academy a few minutes to find his rhythm at ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPIONS, but once he did, Liam “Hitman” Harrison felt the full force of a Muay Thai World Champion’s best weapons.

The Thai superstar marched forward with straight punches and then struck with a crushing elbow that put the Englishman flat on his face.

#4 Nieky Holzken Vs. Cosmo Alexandre

Nieky Holzken IMGL9258.jpg

When Nieky “The Natural” Holzken finds his range and begins to connect with his power strikes, there are few kickboxers in the world that can stand up to them.

Cosmo “Good Boy” Alexandre found that out last November when he was wobbled by spinning back kick, knocked backward by a massive overhand right, and then put down with a thunderous uppercut.

#3 Petchdam Petchyindee Academy Vs. Kenny Tse

Petchdam “The Baby Shark” Petchyindee Academy waved his magic wand of a left leg to dispatch Kenny Tse in double-quick time at ONE: KINGDOM OF HEROES.

His roundhouse landed again and again until Tse wilted, and then a knee finished the job. A flawless performance by the man who went on to become the ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Champion.

#2 Jo Nattawut Vs. Yohann Fairtex Drai

“Smokin” Jo Nattawut lived up to his moniker and a reputation for being one of the most devastating punchers in Muay Thai when the firepower in his hands obliterated Yohann Fairtex Drai in Kuala Lumpur.

When the Thai superstar got the Frenchman up against the fence, he unloaded with hard shots to end their encounter with just one second left in the first round.

#1 Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex Vs. Luis Regis

Yodsanklai DC 2345.jpg

“The Boxing Computer” Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex will go down as one of the best and most popular martial artists of the 2000s, and this knockout will be remembered as one of his most memorable.

His stoppage of Luis Regis was classic Yodsanklai – he had his rival on the run with a thudding roundhouse kick, and then stepped in with a trio of fast and forceful uppercuts that left the Brazilian face-down on the canvas.

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