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"Asia's largest martial arts organization."
"Asia's largest sports media company."
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Bringing Martial Arts Home To Asia

Whether it is Karate, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Judo, Kali, Shuai Jiao, Taekwondo, Sambo, Silat, or Aikido, martial arts has flourished in Asia for the last 5000 years. There is a homegrown martial art in almost every country in Asia that is revered and celebrated as a part of history and tradition. Under ONE Championship’s Global Martial Arts Rule Set For Competition, athletes compete in a full contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques from a variety of martial arts disciplines. We combine the unique excitement and energy of a live bout, the raw and refined athleticism of the Olympics, the honorable tradition of martial arts, and the unmistakable adrenaline of a rock concert.

Weight Classes

102.2 kg – 120.2 kg
Light Heavyweight
93.1 kg – 102.1 kg
84.0 kg – 93.0 kg
77.2 kg – 83.9 kg
70.4 kg – 77.1 kg
65.9 kg – 70.3 kg
61.3 kg – 65.8 kg
56.8 kg – 61.2 kg
52.3 kg – 56.7 kg
47.7 kg – 52.2 kg

ONE Championship’s weight classes are unlike any other martial arts organization in the world. ONE leads the global martial arts industry by banning weight-cutting by dehydration, choosing instead to implement a revolutionary system that ensures athletes are fully hydrated, fit, and healthy ahead of their bouts.

The new program, which is the first of its kind for combat sports, is focused on athlete safety by introducing “walking-weight” competition via multiple weigh-ins and tests before and during fight week, including three hours before an event begins.

An athlete’s “walking-weight” will be determined by a robust system that will track his/her weight on a regular basis throughout the period that the athlete is contracted to ONE.

The revolutionary weigh-in program was established after thorough discussions and recommendations by ONE Championship’s medical and competition team, consisting of Vice President of Medical Services Dr. Warren Wang, Chief Medical Advisor Dr. James Okamoto, Vice President Rich Franklin, and Vice President of Operations & Competition Matt Hume.

General Regulations & Policies Related To Athletes’ Weight

  1. Athletes must submit their current walking weight and daily training weight regularly. Athletes will input and track their daily weight online via a dedicated web portal.
  2. Athletes will be assigned to their weight class based on collated data and random weight checks. Athletes are not allowed to drop a weight class less than eight weeks out from an event.
  3. During fight week, weights are checked daily. Urine specific gravity will also be checked the day after arrival and three hours prior to the event.  Athletes must be within their weight class and pass specific gravity hydration tests all week and up to three hours before the event.  If an athlete falls outside the weight, or fails a test, they are disqualified from the event.  Doctors may request additional testing at their discretion.
  4. Catchweight bouts are allowed. However, the athlete with the higher weight will not be heavier than 105% of the lighter opponent’s weight.
  5. ONE will conduct random weight checks on athletes at its discretion.
  6. Athletes may petition to change weight classes outside of the eight-week competition zone and must be within their new desired weight at that time. In addition, athletes must pass a specific gravity urine test when their weight is within the limits of the newly petitioned weight class. ONE doctors can request additional testing to determine the amount of weight drop allowed over a specific time.
  7. The usage of IVs for the purpose of rehydration will not be allowed.

Rules and Regulations

Global Martial Arts Rule Set For Competition

ONE Championship™ uses the Global Martial Arts Rule Set For Competition, which blends a combination of best practices from Asian and Non-Asian Rules.

Bout Duration

Each bout will be three rounds of five minutes per round, with a one-minute break between rounds.
Championship bouts will be five rounds of five minutes per round, with a one-minute break between rounds.

Ways to Win

A victory is attained by one of the following ways:

  • Knockout
  • Submission
  • Verbal tapout
  • Technical knockout by referee stoppage
  • Athlete’s cornerman requests a stoppage
  • Decision

Decision Wins
In the event that a bout goes the distance, it will go to a judges’ decision. The three judges will score the bout in its entirety, not round-by-round. Judges will utilize the ONE judging criteria in descending order of importance to determine the winner of the bout.

ONE Judging Criteria
  • Near KO or Submission
  • Damage (Internal, Accumulated, Superficial)
  • Striking combinations and cage generalship (Ground control, Superior positioning)
  • Earned takedowns or takedown defense
  • Aggression

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