The Best Knockouts From The Stars Of ONE: NO SURRENDER II

Thailand's Pongsiri Mitsatit throws a roundhouse kick at Robin Catalan

After an explosive return last weekend, ONE Championship is set to double down with another action-packed card.

The world’s largest martial arts organization will bring ONE: NO SURRENDER II to Bangkok, Thailand, and if fans were thrilled by the original ONE: NO SURRENDER, then they should be fascinated by the sequel.

Ahead of the six-bout martial arts spectacle on Friday, 14 August, let’s relive three of the greatest knockouts from the stars who are set to compete.

Rodlek’s Sensational One-Punch KO

Muay Thai World Champion Rodlek connects with a devastating right hand to turn the lights out on Andrew Miller!

🚨 KNOCKOUT ALERT 🚨Muay Thai World Champion Rodlek connects with a devastating right hand to turn the lights out on Andrew Miller!📺: Check local listings for global TV broadcast📱: Watch on the ONE Super App 👉

Posted by ONE Championship on Friday, August 2, 2019

Channel 7 Stadium Muay Thai World Champion Rodlek PK.Saenchai Muaythaigym ignited the crowd inside the Mall Of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines, with a masterful one-punch knockout at ONE: DAWN OF HEROES in August 2019.

Scottish fighter Andrew “Maddog Fairtex” Miller started the bout strong, but as the contest continued, the Thai striker grew increasingly more powerful and landed more of his devastating strikes.

Then, in the final minute of the match, the PK.Saenchai Muaythaigym representative capped his performance in highlight-reel fashion.

Following a brief separation by the referee, the Scotsman stepped in with a shovel hook. But as Rodlek absorbed the shot and crashed forward into Miller’s body, he threw a short overhand right to the chin that instantly crumpled his rival to the mat.

“Maddog Fairtex” immediately got up, but he stumbled backward to the ropes. With that, the referee had no choice but to stop the match.

Rodlek will look to replicate that magical performance against Saemapetch Fairtex in their ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai Tournament semifinal match-up, which will headline ONE: NO SURRENDER II.

Mitsatit’s Knees Find The Target

Pongsiri “The Smiling Assassin” Mitsatit earned a signature first-round win at ONE: WARRIORS OF LIGHT inside Bangkok’s Impact Arena back in May 2019. However, he first had to overcome a little bit of adversity.

In the opening moments of the strawweight mixed martial arts clash, Filipino star Robin “The Ilonggo” Catalan imposed his grappling-heavy strategy. Catalan took Mitsatit down, worked for more favorable positions on the mat, and even tried executing his trademark heel hook.

Fortunately for the 24-year-old Chiang Mai native, he was able to escape and bring the action back to the feet, where he utilized his Muay Thai clinch game to perfection.

As Catalan put him against the Circle Wall, Mitsatit was able to create a little separation and threw a few knee strikes at his rival’s torso. When the Filipino’s grip loosened, “The Smiling Assassin” put his left hand behind his opponent’s neck, walked him across the canvas, and threw more knees.

While “The Ilonggo” desperately tried to grab a clinch-knee and land a takedown, the Thai displayed excellent grappling defense and continued with his attack. A final left knee to the solar plexus dropped the grimacing Catalan to the canvas for good.

Now, at ONE: NO SURRENDER II, Mitsatit will meet the man below.

Fujisawa Shocks Bactol In Manila

In a battle of OWS alumni, Akihiro Fujisawa grounds and pounds his way to a TKO win over Rockie Bactol at 4:40 of Round 1!

In a battle of OWS alumni, Akihiro Fujisawa grounds and pounds his way to a TKO win over Rockie Bactol at 4:40 of Round 3!Watch the full event LIVE & FREE on the ONE Super App 👉 | TV: Check local listings for global broadcast

Posted by ONE Championship on Friday, November 23, 2018

Akihiro “Superjap” Fujisawa may not have been awarded a contract from the inaugural ONE Warrior Series event in April 2018, but he eventually earned a spot on ONE Championship’s main roster and knocked out one of the series’ top prospects seven months later.

At ONE: CONQUEST OF CHAMPIONS in November 2018, the Japanese athlete shocked local hero Rockie Bactol inside the Mall Of Asia Arena and left the venue with a third-round TKO victory.

Bactol scored early with his stand-up arsenal, but Fujisawa got stronger as the bout wore on and frustrated his younger rival with his blend of wrestling and ground strikes.

In the third and final stanza, “Superjap” dialed up the pressure and began to overwhelm the Filipino.

Halfway into the frame, the Japanese veteran backed him against the Circle Wall, landed a takedown, and unloaded a stream of punches, elbows, and knees to the head. The referee had seen enough and waved off the action with only 20 seconds left on the clock.

Fujisawa will hope to look just as dominant in the Thai capital when he faces Mitsatit.

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