ONE Heroes Preview Aung La N Sang Vs. Brandon Vera

There is no bout in ONE Championship that can be bigger than Brandon “The Truth” Vera and Aung La “The Burmese Python” N Sang.

When the ONE Heavyweight World Champion moves down a division to challenge the ONE Light Heavyweight World Champion for his belt this Sunday, 13 October at ONE: CENTURY PART II, fans will be on the edge of their seats.

Part of the reason why is that the result is practically impossible to predict. Vera is older, but he is naturally bigger and more powerful. Aung La N Sang has been more active in the Circle, but on the rare occasion his upcoming opponent competed in the past few years, he was flawless.

That is why we have asked some more of the most skilled athletes in The Home Of Martial Arts to handicap this encounter and try to predict who will get their hand raised.

While it is no surprise Aung La N Sang is favored by his teammate and friend, and Vera’s compatriots back their fellow Filipino, many of the rest of the athletes cannot pick between these titans of Asian mixed martial arts.

Martin “The Situ-Asian” Nguyen – ONE Featherweight World Champion

I think Aung La will hurt Vera and win by TKO. I think more with punches. Aung La kicks very hard and Vera kicks very hard, but it’s very hard to throw punches and kicks moving backwards. I know Brandon Vera’s more of a backwards fighter than a forwards fighter.

Hats off to Vera, he’s a veteran of the game, and I’m very good friends with him, but I’m just judging it style-versus-style, and Aung La comes forward like a train. I’ve held pads for the guy, and my shoulder almost ripped out of its socket behind those punches and kicks!

Also, his hunger and determination to win [is huge]. He’s not just looking at this fight as a defense of his belt against the next contender. 

Danny “The King” Kingad – ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix Championship Finalist

I think Kuya Brandon will knock out Aung La. Of course, it’s difficult to predict the outcome, but I need to support my countryman.

They are both strikers, but Kuya Brandon is the heavier of the two, so he has dealt with heavier-hitting opponents, and deals a lot of damage with his own power as well. If it would come to a decision, I think Kuya Brandon can pull it off as well with his experience.

Stamp Fairtex – Two-Sport ONE World Champion

Vera is dropping to a lower weight class. He will lose power, but he is naturally bigger. I think this match will be close.

Lito “Thunder Kid” Adiwang – ONE Warrior Series Contract Winner

I can see Brandon winning. If he can focus and connect on his strikes, I can see this ending in a stoppage.

He needs to stop the pressure from Aung La N Sang, but I believe he has the one-shot knockout power. Aung La has it too, no question, but I’m going with Brandon on this one. 

Amir Khan – Record-Holder For Most KO Wins In ONE

It’s really difficult to pick. I feel Aung La N Sang is a more well-rounded fighter compared to Brandon. He’s been more active, and from what I have seen on social media, he’s been training non-stop.

I see a third or fourth-round [finish]. Aung La can try to gas him out and he can take the W from there, probably by TKO. 

“Kru Rong” Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke – Former ONE Strawweight World Champion 

Aung La is younger and fresher, while Brandon is more experienced. Both have heavy weapons. Brandon will move into this weight class, but I think it will be a very close match – and fun, for sure.

Honorio “The Rock” Banario – Former ONE Featherweight World Champion

Kuya Brandon has a slight edge on this match because of his height and his proficiency in utilizing his reach. Aung La is an in-fighter – he needs to get close to unleash his weapons.

Brandon can drop bombs from a distance if he can maximize his strengths in this match. 

Muhammad “Jungle Cat” Aiman – MIMMA Featherweight Champion

The night’s main event for the ONE Light Heavyweight World Title between Aung La N Sang and Brandon Vera is going to be explosive.

Again, I can’t pick between Aung La [N Sang] and Vera because they’re both really great martial artists. Besides, they’re two of the nicest and kindest people I’ve ever met, and a real inspiration. I look up to both of them.

If I must make an analysis, I’ll say that Aung La [N Sang] has a bigger arsenal, but Vera has the power.

Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon – Former ONE Bantamweight World Champion

This will be a very exciting match because they are both gifted strikers. We’ll have to wait and see who wins, because I know that they’re both talented and capable of getting their hand raised.

However, I do think that Brandon has the advantage in reach and size, and we’re fully supporting him on getting the win.  

Eko Roni Saputra – Multiple-Time Indonesian Wrestling Champion

Aung La N Sang will win this bout. I predict that it will be very tight and explosive, as both fighters have an enormous amount of experience.

When these two giants face each other, they will be more careful and tactical to set their powerful strikes.

Bruno “Puccibull” Pucci – No-Gi BJJ World Champion

I think Brandon Vera is a better striker and more well rounded, but even though he has more experience, he’s also older, so that may also count when he drops weight and faces Aung La. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to this weight class.

I think it will be a decision. I think he can knock out Aung La, but Aung La is very durable. I think the only thing I can count against Brandon Vera is his age, but Brandon came out of his movie preparations and knocked out the last competitor, so it’s hard to say.

Agilan “Alligator” Thani – Former ONE Welterweight World Title Challenger

It’s tough to predict who will be the winner of this huge bout. I like both of them, and I can’t pick a clear winner between them, but I feel that Brandon might take it away from Aung La N Sang.

Aung La N Sang is a very entertaining athlete because of his power. He waits for you, and he throws a mean power shot, which is certain to register a finish. Most of his fights have ended by knockout, so definitely Aung La N Sang’s power is not something to be played with.

If he can catch Brandon early, it could be a turning point. I’m not saying that Brandon will go down, but it could change the tide of the bout.

Keanu Subba – MIMMA Featherweight Champion

I’ve got Aung La winning. He has been fighting better competition and went through adversity, and he has also gone the distance more.

Alain “The Panther” Ngalani – 4x Muay Thai & Kickboxing Heavyweight World Champion

This is very hard for me. I know both guys. I fought Aung La, and still think I’ll meet Vera down the road inside that cage.

It is a tough fight for me to predict, although I give some leverage to Aung La for being more active.

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  • Watch PART I in USA on 12 October at 8pm EST and PART II on 13 October at 4am EST
  • Watch PART I in India on 13 October at 5:30am IST and PART II at 1:30pm IST
  • Watch PART I in Indonesia on 13 October at 7am WIB and PART II at 3pm WIB
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ONE: CENTURY is the biggest World Championship martial arts event in history with 28 World Champions featured across various martial arts. No organization has ever promoted two full-scale World Championship events on the same day.

The Home Of Martial Arts will break new ground as it brings multiple World Title bouts, a trio of World Grand Prix Championship Finals, and several World Champion versus World Champion matches to the famous Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan on 13 October.