ONE Athletes Preview Giorgio Petrosyan Vs. Samy Sana

Giorgio “The Doctor” Petrosyan and Samy “AK47” Sana are ready to contest for the biggest prize in kickboxing history at ONE: CENTURY PART II.

This Sunday, 13 October, they will face off for US$1 million in the long-awaited ONE Featherweight World Grand Prix Championship Final

However, both men are adamant that the money on offer is not their main motivation. They are more determined to put on a show and win the honor of being recognized as the world’s best in their sport when the dust has settled at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan.

Petrosyan and Sana have performed brilliantly to get past four of the planet’s premier strikers in the quarterfinals and semifinals, but because they looked so good, it is near-impossible to say who has looked best.

It will surely be a closely-contested match-up this weekend, but if anybody can pick apart their skill sets to pick a winner, it is ONE’s talent-stacked roster of martial artists – including a collection of the most talented contenders in ONE Super Series.

These are their picks for the huge contest between “The Doctor” and “AK47.”

Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex – Multiple-Time Kickboxing And Muay Thai World Champion

I think Petrosyan will win. I think it will be his technique that will win him the fight.

He’s more experienced and very careful and calculated when he fights. Samy will be slower than Petrosyan, and Petrosyan will use his timing. If they start to trade, I think Samy could get knocked out.

Nong-O Gaiyanghadao – ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Champion

I think it is 50-50. This tournament has all the best fighters in the world. Petrosyan is good and experienced, Sana is big and hungry. I really can’t say for sure who has the edge here.

I don’t think either fighter will flee from each other – I think they are going to stand there and trade – but it will be a hard-fought and exciting fight because both guys want to be the champion, and both guys want the prize money.

Stamp Fairtex – Two-Sport ONE World Champion

I think Sana will win because his shots are a lot more powerful. I think he will probably win on points because Petrosyan is also really good.

This is definitely an interesting match-up and worth watching because it is speed versus power.

Sam-A Gaiyanghadao – Former ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion

After watching both Sana and Petrosyan, I have to say I really like the way Petrosyan fights – I really like his style.

These two are really well matched, and regardless of the outcome, it is going to be a great fight!

“The Baby Shark” Petchdam Petchyindee Academy – Former ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Champion 

I think this is going to be a really exciting match-up and definitely worth tuning in for! It is the two best kickboxers in the world facing each other, and I think both of them have a very good chance of winning.

They are very evenly matched. I can’t make a guess, but I think it will go the distance. Whoever wins this fight will truly be the best featherweight kickboxer in the world.

Singtongnoi Por Telakun – Lumpinee Stadium And WMC Muay Thai World Champion

I like Sana. He’s big, and his knees and punches are really powerful! However, I think that if they were the same size, Sana couldn’t beat Petrosyan because Petrosyan is a better all-around fighter.

Rodlek PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym – CH7 Stadium Muay Thai World Champion

I think Petrosyan will win because he’s got more experience, and has a more developed arsenal.

I think it will be his accuracy and experience that will win him the fight. His weapons are sharper, and he is a better kickboxer overall.

Fighting for this kind of money and prestige is definitely going to bring out the best in both of these fighters — you can’t miss it!

Petchmorakot Petchyindee Academy – Lumpinee Stadium And WMC Muay Thai World Champion

I think both of them have a chance of winning, and there is a good chance the fight will end via knockout.

The prize money is huge, and I think it is going to bring out the best in both fighters. I really think that they are going to give it everything and make it really exciting for the fans. They are both really good fighters and will have a lot of people cheering them on. It is going to be good!

Rika “Tiny Doll” Ishige – Thai Women’s Martial Arts Pioneer

I’m actually a big fan of Petrosyan, but I think Sana will win this one due to his size and height advantage. I think Sana will win via decision, also.

This is an extremely thrilling match-up, and there is definitely the chance for a knockout, too. This fight is history in the making for kickboxing, no doubt!

Amir Khan – Record-Holder For Most KO Wins In ONE

Samy has a good chance. He surprised me in the fight against Yodsanklai, but I [favor] Petrosyan.

I think Petrosyan will try and keep his distance. Samy will use the knees and long-range attacks, but I feel Giorgio is smart, and he has a lot of time to prepare for Samy.

Plus, he sticks to a game-plan very consistently, and he’s very precise. They call him “The Doctor” for a reason, so I feel Giorgio will get it done, but it will be a tough fight. 

Rudy “The Golden Boy” Agustian – Indonesian Flyweight Champion  

Samy Sana seems to be rising after defeating a Muay Thai legend, “The Boxing Computer” Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex, in the semis. The southpaw style Yodsanklai practiced was a bit similar to Giorgio, but “The Doctor” has faster speed. It seems that the victory will be Samy’s through decision.

Liam “Hitman” Harrison – Eight-Time Muay Thai World Champion

You can’t ever write Petrosyan off, he’s incredible, but Sana is big, he’s strong, he’s unorthodox, and he’s going to come at him – so that one, I cannot really call. It’s going to be 50-50.

Eko Roni Saputra – Multiple-Time Indonesian Wrestling Champion

Petrosyan is a legend, but we have seen how Sana was able to reach the final stage with great conviction. Sana will win the bout because he has powerful and accurate strikes.

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  • Watch PART I in USA on 12 October at 8pm EST and PART II on 13 October at 4am EST
  • Watch PART I in India on 13 October at 5:30am IST and PART II at 1:30pm IST
  • Watch PART I in Indonesia on 13 October at 7am WIB and PART II at 3pm WIB
  • Watch PART I in Singapore on 13 October at 8am SGT and PART II at 4pm SGT
  • Watch PART I in the Philippines on 13 October at 8am PHT and PART II at 4pm PHT
  • Watch PART I in Japan on 13 October at 9am JST and PART II at 5pm JST

ONE: CENTURY is the biggest World Championship martial arts event in history with 28 World Champions featured across various martial arts. No organization has ever promoted two full-scale World Championship events on the same day.

The Home Of Martial Arts will break new ground as it brings multiple World Title bouts, a trio of World Grand Prix Championship Finals, and several World Champion versus World Champion matches to the famous Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan on 13 October.