The Stars Predict Xiong Jing Nan Vs. Tiffany Teo II

Xiong Jing Nan and Tiffany Teo rematch over the ONE Women's Strawweight World Title at ONE: INSIDE THE MATRIX

This Friday, 30 October, ONE Championship will host ONE: INSIDE THE MATRIX live from the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The epic card includes four Mixed Martial Arts World Title bouts – and since all of them feature incredibly dangerous contenders, fans should expect an unpredictable night of fights.

Kicking off those World Championship matchups will be the long-awaited rematch between ONE Women’s Strawweight World Champion “The Panda” Xiong Jing Nan and #1-ranked contender Tiffany “No Chill” Teo.

The first time these athletes met was back in January 2018. That night, Xiong overcame Teo’s hot start and earned a fourth-round TKO to claim the inaugural women’s strawweight belt. But a lot has changed since then, and “No Chill” has promised to gain some redemption – and the gold – on Friday.

Before these two competitors settle their longtime rivalry in a battle for Xiong’s strap, several athletes break down the ONE Women’s Strawweight World Title rematch.

Itsuki ‘Strong Heart Fighter’ Hirata

Japanese judo specialist Itsuki Hirata celebrates her win against Nyrene Crowley

“I think Xiong Jing Nan will win the fight in the first round with her striking. I went to Evolve in Singapore last February after my bout, and I had a chance to train with her.

“We sparred in both wrestling and striking. Her power, body, and technique were exceptionally different even though her weight class is just one above mine. She has the aura of a champion, and I felt she was strong. That’s why I think she will win.”

Ayaka ‘Zombie’ Miura 

Japanese mixed martial artist Ayaka Miura stares at her opponent

“I think Xiong’s striking is what stands out more, but I think she is actually good at the ground game, too. She is an athlete that has massive knockout power.

“Tiffany Teo doesn’t look very dexterous, but she is a difficult one to beat. She has a strong heart, but I think Xiong will win by KO in the fifth round.”

Mei ‘V.V’ Yamaguchi

Japanese mixed martial arts star Mei Yamaguchi is in the Circle

“Xiong has a strong mentality and fiercely steps forward. I also get the impression that Teo has a strong mentality, and she attacks precisely in a calm manner.

“Both athletes are strikers, and I think the bout will be kept in the standing position. Both have strong hearts, and the bout will be back and forth.

“Xiong will go forward with momentum against Teo and with strong knockout power. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the match for even a second!”

Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol

Indonesian martial artist Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol heads to the ring for action

“I think Xiong will still be the champ. She is training out of Evolve now, so her ground game will develop even more. Meanwhile, her striking is world-class.

“Teo must have already learned and improved from their first encounter in Jakarta – where I also competed on the same card. Otherwise, it might be another one-sided match for Xiong. Back then, Xiong was too dominant, and when I saw Teo the following day, her face was heavily swollen.

“I think it won’t be the same this time. For Teo to win the match, I think she needs to deploy her ground skill, though it won’t be easy to bring Xiong down. As a striker, she will try to quickly get to her feet when dragged down to the canvas.

“On the feet, I think Xiong is still way above her challenger because her knockout power is crazy, but on the ground, I think they have an equal chance.”

Andrew Leone

Bali MMA's Andrew Leone

“It’s a great rematch. I think Xiong will get the win in the fourth round, maybe by TKO. Tiffany has impressed with some solid performances in her last few fights, but Xiong has more experience in those championship rounds that I think will pay off.”

Rahul ‘The Kerala Krusher’ Raju


It is going to be a great fight. Even though Xiong won the last encounter dominantly, Tiffany has made some really good adjustments to her game and she has won two big fights. So, I am going with the underdog, Tiffany, for this one.”

Elliot ‘The Dragon’ Compton

Australian Muay Thai fighter Elliot Compton

“This is Xiong Jing Nan’s first fight back since a devastating fifth-round RNC loss to Angela Lee, so I think she will have a tremendous fire in her belly to get back in the win column with an impressive performance.

“Tiffany Teo is no slouch though, so ‘The Panda’ will have her work cut out for her. Teo lost to Xiong by TKO from punches in their first encounter, so she will be eager to set the record straight and look to even the score.

“I think Xiong will come out hard from the first bell, try to remind Teo of the punching power that she possesses, and put her on the back foot from the get-go. Teo is very well-rounded, and she will need to put pressure on the champion and not let her dictate the pace. I see this bout being a back-and-forth battle with ultimately the champion getting her hand raised again.”

Zebaztian ‘The Bandit’ Kadestam

Former ONE Welterweight World Champion Zebaztian "The Bandit" Kadestam

“I’m seeing the same outcome as the first fight between them. Xiong’s striking is too good. Tiffany needs to mix it up and stay technical to be able to make this more even than the first one. Great fight, though!”

Gurdarshan ‘Saint Lion’ Mangat

Indian mixed martial artist Gurdarshan Mangat

Xiong is someone I love watching. She brings the fight, she goes to war, and she gets her face beaten, but she comes out as a champion.

“We have seen some epic matches with Angela Lee and other title defenses of hers. I think this is going to be another one. She is well-versed, she brings an amazing set of skills, and I think she will win this.”

Arjan ‘Singh’ Bhullar

Arjan Bhullar defeats Mauro Cerilli at ONE CENTURY

“I know Xiong Jing Nan and Tiffany Teo have fought before, but it was long ago. I think it’s difficult to take too much from that bout. Both of them have grown since then. You have to understand that this time allows them to develop and have a different result.

“Can Tiffany beat Xiong? Yes, absolutely. But I think Xiong will reign supreme once again like the first time, and this time her striking will be the difference.”

Elipitua ‘The Magician’ Siregar

Indonesian MMA star Elipitua Siregar celebrates his debut win!

“I predict Xiong will defend the title. She even defeated Angela Lee!

“When sparring, she preferred to train with her male counterparts like me or Stefer Rahardian, and she forced us to go all out. Without a doubt, her ground game is good, too. As a boxer, her body is flexible, making it difficult for me to submit her.”

Detchadin “Detchpool” Sornsirisuphathin

Detchadin Sornsirisuphathin

“A fighter I would like to cheer for is Tiffany Teo. We know each other from when she came to train at Bangkok Fight Lab, the same gym as me. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked together as mixed martial arts training partners. I was helping her with punching mitts.

“Tiffany is one of the best fighters I know. Even though she is quiet, she has a good perspective and attitude.

“I admit that Xiong Jing Nan is good, especially her striking. But I never watched her show her skills on the ground. I only know that she can defend herself well, so I think that if Tiffany can take her down, she should have an advantage.”

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