Heroes Of ONE: KING OF THE JUNGLE Show Respect On Social Media

Ritu Phogat and Wu Chiao Chen share a moment of respect at ONE: KING OF THE JUNGLE

The stars of ONE: KING OF THE JUNGLE were humble in victory and defeat after they went to battle in the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday, 28 February.

See how they celebrated, showed respect, and expressed their gratitude to their opponents, teams, and fans once the lights went down in “The Lion City.”

Janet Todd Vs. Stamp Fairtex

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THAAAANK YOUUUUU to everyone who sent me encouraging messages and support! I really felt your love going in that circle tonight. I wanted to do this for us, and together, WE DID IT! Thank you for everyone who made this possible for me. I couldn’t achieved this without each and every one of you: THANK YOU to ONE Championship, Chatri Sityodtong & Victor Cui for creating the biggest and best platform in the world to showcase world class athletes in Martial Arts! THANK YOU to My Husband Dustin & My Parents; Bryan & Tiky Popejoy, Jackie Buntan, April Vergara, Caia Knowles and the rest of my #BoxingworksFamilia ; Jackie Guerra, Kenya Parham & my entire Game Ready Performance Tribe #getgameready ; USA Muay Thai Victor Alvarez and Jeff Dojillo; Dr. Jason Park & Cool Heart Performance. & to my sponsors: InfightStyle, University of Recovery & Dojillo Athletics!!@onechampionship @yodchatri @victorcui @bryanpopejoy @tikysirisutepopejoy @boxingworks @jackiemguerra @gamereadyp @usamuaythai @victorisaacalvarez @jeffdojillo @da_losangeles @teamcoolheart @drjasonpark @infightstyle @uofrecovery @jackiebuntan @agv_42 @caiapinecones

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Sam-A Gaiyanghadao Vs. Rocky Ogden

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Kimihiro Eto Vs. Amir Khan

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Once I was his sparring partner. We spent time together and became friends. As a fighter, you have to beat each other in the cage once you have decided on a match, even if you are friends. But once I get out of the cage, I believe that i still am a friend of him. He is a true hero and I truly respect him. Thank you for ONE championship and Amir and every body who involved this fight. And I am greatful that I came back my second home here in Singapore ???????? | ・かつて自分とアミールはスパーリングパートナーでした。一緒の時間を過ごし、友人になりました。ファイターとして1度試合が決まりケージの中に足を踏み入れたら全力でお互いを倒し合わなければなりません。しかし、試合が終わってケージを降りたならば自分はアミールの事を友人だと思っています。彼は真の英雄であり、彼の事を尊敬しています。今回このような試合のチャンスを頂けた事をONE Championship、アミールカーン選手を始め、全ての試合に関わった方々に感謝致します。ありがとうございました!そして第二の故郷と思っているシンガポールに戻れた事が大変嬉しかったです! @onechampionship @onechampjp @amirkhanmma #onechampionship #onewarriorseries #singapore #respect #fighter

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Yoshihiro Akiyama Vs. Sherif Mohamed

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Tiffany Teo Vs. Ayaka Miura

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Denice Zamboanga Vs. Mei Yamaguchi

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For God! For Philippines ???????? For my grandmom who’s with God now! For everyone that has been supporting me in my journey. This one is for all of you ❤️ Big thanks to my coaches @dj_actionjackson and my brother @thetrexmma who really helped me prepared in this short notice fight thank you for all your patience haha @fritzbiagtan for staying beside me during this fight week @elitefightnutrition for helping me in my weight and hydration. thank you to my teammates, training partners in @fairtextrainingcenter for constantly pushing me to improve! also to my coaches and gym in philippines for helping me in my training when im home coach severino, @coach.saintvj @johnthepunishervallega @round1mmabjj @fist_gym @ufcgymgalleria to my family, friends and everyone who kept us in your prayers, supported and watched from where they are thank you thank you! To my partners in this journey @nutrition_depot_thailand @lila_movementechnology @exotechshop Thank you to @onechampionship @yodchatri for giving me this opportunity! Thank you everyone who made this possible for us! Im so grateful with all of you!! Love lots ???? #onechampionship #fairtex #denicethemenace #ontothenextone #zamboanga #phillipines #allforgodsglory

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Troy Worthen Vs. Mark Fairtex Abelardo

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Ritu Phogat Vs. Wu Chiao Chen

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謝謝 @onechampionship @rituphogat48 ,讓我有機會站上世界級ONE冠軍賽的舞台,給我一個機會考驗,讓我收穫良多。 謝謝I fighting進行勢館長 @kemp_cheng 、何浩仰 @block840 @chihchanwu @akiralcf 一直給我訓練跟建議 新北市肌力體能發展協會 @allen680222 @aron___0204 @a28471296 @yixin.cai 以及所有鷺江三民的學弟學妹們的加油跟體諒 @eq0eq 的動作矯正 @trainlin1 的心理建設 謝謝診所願意放我假 感謝我的贊助商 @byris_sport @everlast @dynastymma @ruiyucai 謝謝 @khai_theshadow_wu @chan.mma @sheng_mma 更謝謝 @robin_lin135 陪我一路到現在 謝謝所有為我加油、支持我的人 表現不盡理想,我會再練過、再調整、再學習、繼續準備。從簽約到比賽,到新加坡這趟旅程得來不易,也不會是終點,請大家再陪我一起努力吧!

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Jeff Chan Vs. Radeem Rahman

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Last night I was able to secure the W at my @onechampionship debut. I want to thank @onechampionship @yodchatri for giving me this opportunity to challenge myself by putting my body through the ultimate test. My head coaches @firas_zahabi @ottawamartialarts and the whole @tristargym_mtl and @barrhavenmartialartscentre team for welcoming me with open arms. I had an absolute beast of a cornerman @xaviermma for this bout who traveled across the world to help me secure this fight – I am forever grateful. Big thanks to my main sparring partners @xaviermma, @aiemannzahabi, @thelouiegram, @tywilson.mma, @attilamma & @ranymma, and my top S&C coaches from @360punch and sports therapist @the_exercise_therapist @matthew.deane1 @khongsittha for always allowing me to visit their amazing facilities in Thailand especially to help me finish up my fight camp. Again, to my amazing and exclusive sponsor @dynastymma with some of the dopest gear! The biggest thank you to all my supporters and followers all around the world – this win is as much mine as it is yours! And lastly, I want to thank my fiancé for everything she’s done: loving me, supporting me, being my nutritionist, moving to Montreal with me, surprising me at my hotel room day before my fight and just being the best in the world ❤️

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Most people don't reach their dream not because of failure. Most people don't live their dream not because they give up. Its not the failure that stops us but most stops at their first failure. Those who succeed, don't stop at one or a million failure. They say this is my goal and I will do whatever it takes to achieve it.. I will learn the lessons from any failure.. I will learn fast, work harder, smarter and I will not quit until my dream is a reality. If failure was the end of your story… There will be no greats like Saenchai.. Greats like Georges St-Pierre.. Like Renzo Gracie.. Like Manny Pacquiao .. If these people stopped at failure.. The world would not be filled with their greatness as it is today..Failure is nothing but a lesson to the winner.. Failure is nothing but a motivation to the winner.. Failure is a fuel.. Dont let failure stop you, let it grow you, let it develop you.. To me, Failure is not the end, its just the start.. The start of my comeback story.. The only way I can call it failure is when I quit.. If I keep going, its only a hurdle, one I can overcome.. The only way I can fail is if I quit.. Never quit, keep pushing..I will get there in the end.. Learn the lessons and apply the lessons, come out stronger than before and keep going.. Keep going and I will succeed.. . . #failure

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