5 Incredible Knockouts From The Stars Of ONE: FISTS OF FURY III

Janet Todd connects with a head kick

Twelve world-class athletes will take to the Circle in search of convincing victories at ONE: FISTS OF FURY III — and nothing is more emphatic than a knockout.

With a pair of world-class ONE Super Series matchups headlining the bill, fans will definitely witness brilliant striking at the previously recorded event, which airs on Friday, 19 March.

The supporting card at the Singapore Indoor Stadium also features some big hitters in the mixed martial arts ranks, so we can certainly expect some spectacular finishes.

Plus, these athletes have already produced some explosive KOs on the global stage. Before the action goes down at ONE: FISTS OF FURY III, let’s relive five of their best to date. 

#1 Eersel Unleashes His Arsenal On Njokuani

Reigning ONE Lightweight Kickboxing World Champion Regian “The Immortal” Eersel earned his shot at the belt when he demolished Anthony “The Assassin” Njokuani at ONE: CALL TO GREATNESS in February 2019.

The Dutch-Surinamese star turned up the heat on his rival, rocked him in the closing stages of round one, and came into the second frame with a finish in his sights.

With less than a minute gone in that second round, Eersel moved forward and blasted Njokuani with a thudding right-hand counter over the top of his rival’s straight left. The American reeled against the ropes, and “The Immortal” kept up his pressure.

He immediately followed with a short left hook and a left knee as Njokuani rebounded and started his descent. Finally, Eersel landed a chopping right hook that sealed the KO win as “The Assassin” slumped to the canvas.

Next up, the reigning divisional king will face off against a challenger who has just as much explosiveness in his fists.

#2 Haida Ends 3-Round Thriller In Style

Italian power puncher Mustapha “Dynamite” Haida scored a massive victory over legendary Aussie warrior Daniel “The Rock” Dawson at ONE: BEYOND THE HORIZON in September 2018.

The ISKA Kickboxing World Champion Haida sent Dawson’s mouthpiece — and consciousness — into orbit with a crunching short left hand in the final round of their 2018 ONE Super Series Bout of the Year.

The southpaw Haida was finding a lot of success with his left hand. A clubbing straight came over “The Rock’s” right cross, and another left to the body landed before “Dynamite” nailed his man with a crisp knee to the face.

Dawson stumbled backward and was held up by the ropes, but this allowed Haida to tee off again. The Fight Club Firenze star let rip with a left hook-right uppercut combination and then landed right on the money with a short left hand that separated “The Rock” from his senses.

Haida will be back in action to challenge Eersel for the gold in the ONE: FISTS OF FURY III main event.

#3 Todd’s Kick Heard Around The World

ONE: CENTURY in October 2019 was a groundbreaking event that created a host of memorable moments for fans, but Janet “JT” Todd’s high-kick KO of Ekaterina “Barbie” Vandaryeva was easily one of the standouts.

The pair waged war in an atomweight Muay Thai contest that lasted until the second frame, where the American — who is now the ONE Atomweight Kickboxing World Champion — dispatched her foe in style.

Todd set the trap for her finish with a stinging jab that was followed by a straight right to the body. She thrust out her jab again and showed her right hand to elicit a reaction from the Russian.

Sure enough, Vandaryeva took the bait and dropped her guard, which left her wide open for “JT’s” right kick – one that plunged into her jaw and dropped her to the mat for a convincing finish.

At ONE: FISTS OF FURY III, Todd will return to “the art of eight limbs” against Alma Juniku as she chases the World Title belt in a second sport.

#4 Mazar Rallies For Late TKO

It didn’t come easy, but Maira Mazar earned her first victory in The Home Of Martial Arts when she defeated Choi Jeong Yun at ONE: INSIDE THE MATRIX IV in November 2020.

The sanda stylist from Brazil had to methodically break her South Korean foe down over the course of three rounds, and it eventually paid off when she found the stoppage in the final minute of the contest.

Choi was worn out from Mazar’s pressure, and when the Evolve athlete dragged her adversary to the ground, it was only a matter of time until the finish came.

Mazar passed Choi’s guard and then moved into mount. With two minutes left on the clock, the South Korean tried to hold on, but the Brazilian broke free from the grips and postured up to deliver a resounding volley of ground-and-pound that earned a late TKO win.

The São Paulo native will go up against Jenelyn Olsim in a strawweight clash on 19 March.

#5 Yodkaikaew Scores Debut KO In Bangkok

Yodkaikaew “Y2K” Fairtex got his ONE tenure off to the perfect start when he dispatched John Shink in the second round of their battle at ONE: NO SURRENDER II in August 2020.

Fighting in his home nation, the Thai slugger showed his versatility by scrambling back to his feet from a takedown and then punishing the Tiger Muay Thai athlete for allowing him that opportunity.

Shink tried to plant a right hook on his foe, but “Y2K” pre-empted the strike and got inside with his own left hand. As the Nigerian athlete wobbled toward the ropes, Yodkaikaew followed Shink with a right hook and then knocked him down for the count with a concussive straight left.

The Fairtex representative is looking to make it four straight wins on the global stage against ONE Hero Series standout “Wolf Warrior” Hu Yong.

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