3 Stylish Submissions From The Stars Of ONE: FISTS OF FURY III

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While ONE: FISTS OF FURY III is headlined by a ONE Lightweight Kickboxing World Title fight between Regian “The Immortal” Eersel and Mustapha “Dynamite” Haida, the grappling specialists are also ready to make their mark.

The six-fight card, which will air on Friday, 19 March, includes some powerful wrestlers and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu stylists who will be on the hunt for spectacular finishes. 

In fact, these dynamic ground wizards have already produced some stunning submissions on the global stage. Before they enter the Circle once more at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, let’s relive three of their best to date.

Silva’s Incredible Armbar

Alex “Little Rock” Silva showed the skills that made him a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion when he took on another elite grappler at ONE: LEGENDS OF THE WORLD in November 2017.

The Evolve star faced Hayato Suzuki and snapped the Japanese athlete’s incredible 19-bout winning streak with his trademark armbar in the opening frame.

Suzuki made the first move, taking Silva down and wrestling to top position. However, he was never given time to settle, as “Little Rock” used his butterfly guard to start attacking.

The Brazilian elevated Suzuki to try and snatch his left arm, but he moved to the mount position when the Takahagi City native tried to defend.

During that transition, “Little Rock” seamlessly switched his focus to his rival’s right arm. He dropped his left shin onto Suzuki’s head – forcing his opponent to roll – and then secured the elbow-popping submission that prompted a frenzied tap from his previously unbeaten foe.

Next, Silva will hope for a repeat performance when he takes on another strong Japanese grappler in Hiroba Minowa at ONE: FISTS OF FURY III.

Mainam Stays Unbeaten With Slick Choke

Every athlete who moves into mixed martial arts from a single discipline must adapt their skills to the new format, and “The Indian Notorious” Roshan Mainam has shown that ability in spades.

The Indian Wrestling Champion faced Liu Peng Shuai at ONE: REIGN OF DYNASTIES last October and tapped out his Chinese rival in the second round to earn his second consecutive submission win on the global stage.

Mainam took Liu to the mat off the back of a kick and passed his guard to gain side control. From there, he swiftly moved to mount, where he dropped a series of hard punches and elbows on his foe.

That offense forced the ONE Hefei Flyweight Tournament Champion to turn his back, and “The Indian Notorious” did not need another invitation. He flattened his man out, softened him up with more punches, and then slid his right arm underneath Liu’s chin to seal the deal with a tight rear-naked choke.

In Singapore, he’ll test his grappling mettle against the next man on our list.

Calim Dominates, Strangles Paryanto

Aziz “The Krauser” Calim picked up his first ONE victory in dominant fashion against Indonesian compatriot “Zenwalk” Adi Paryanto at ONE: ETERNAL GLORY in January 2019.

Calim dropped Paryanto with a bolt of a right hand in the early running of their strawweight battle and dictated proceedings from there. The two men jockeyed for an advantageous spot, but it was “The Krauser” who ended up in mount position on the ground.

The Solo native blasted away with punches and then took his rival’s back, where he was constantly on the hunt for the submission. With 30 seconds left on the clock, “Zenwalk” turtled and tried to grab Calim’s leg in an effort to halt the offense, but he landed himself in deeper trouble.

“The Krauser” trapped Paryanto’s right arm with his right leg and fell backward to secure back control once again. With a two-on-one advantage, Calim quickly locked in the rear-naked choke and squeezed to get a well-earned tapout victory.

The Dynamic Indonesian will have to use all of his guile to get past Mainam when they square off in an exciting battle on 19 March.

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