ONE Championship’s Top 5 MMA Submissions Of 2022 So Far

Dagestani MMA fighter Saygid Izagakhmaev chokes out James Nakashima at ONE: HEAVY HITTERS

The first half of ONE Championship’s 2022 event calendar offered up some incredible ground action.

From perfectly executed chokes to completely unique joint locks, the grapplers on the global stage showcased a variety of finishing moves.

Before the action resumes at ONE 159 on 22 July, let’s relive the top five MMA submissions so far this year.

#5 Odie Delaney Unveils His ‘Odie Lock’ To The World

Odie “The Witness” Delaney‘s incredible folkstyle wrestling pedigree was evident in his ONE Championship debut against Thomas “The Last Viking” Narmo at ONE: BAD BLOOD on 11 February.

The former NCAA Division I All-American caught a kick in the opening seconds to put his man on the canvas, where he controlled one of Narmo’s arms in a gift-wrap position and delivered some hard strikes.

As “The Last Viking” writhed in hopes of escaping, Delaney switched to wrist control on his opponent’s left arm and wrenched it behind his back. 

From there, “The Witness” simply torqued the limb up toward Narmo’s head and forced the tap from a move he dubs the “Odie Lock” – all in a record-breaking 66 seconds for the fastest heavyweight submission in ONE history. 

#4 Saygid Izagakhmaev Taps Out James Nakashima 

Saygid Izagakhmaev lived up to the hype in his ONE debut against James Nakashima at ONE: HEAVY HITTERS on 14 January.

The protege of MMA great Khabib Nurmagomedov was forced to battle in the striking range for most of the first round, but he showed glimpses of his ground prowess in the closing stages.

Then in round two, he slammed Nakashima to the canvas, and with more time to work, he began to implement his oppressive top game. 

Izagakhmaev dominated from the mount until he saw an opening to catch an arm-triangle choke. The Russian cinched that up and finished the submission with a crushing squeeze despite Nakashima’s attempt to turn out of it.

#3 Adriano Moraes Traps Yuya Wakamatsu

ONE Flyweight World Champion Adriano “Mikinho” Moraes is known for his high-percentage chokes, and the BJJ black belt added another to his resume against hard-hitting challenger Yuya “Little Piranha” Wakamatsu at ONE X on 26 March.

The Japanese striker struggled to land his concussive punches on the Brazilian king, and he even surprised Moraes by shooting for a takedown.

However, bringing the fight into “Mikinho’s” world ultimately led to Wakamatsu’s downfall. Despite the well-timed takedown, the American Top Team athlete was ready and waiting.

Moraes quickly ensnared the challenger in an arm-in guillotine choke and made the necessary adjustments until “Little Piranha” waved the white flag, securing another successful World Title defense.

#2 Angela Lee Survives Liver Shot, Chokes Out Stamp Fairtex

In another stunning display of heart at ONE X, “Unstoppable” Angela Lee retained her ONE Women’s Atomweight World Title with a second-round finish of Thai striker Stamp Fairtex.

Lee got hurt by a hard liver shot in the first round, but she battled through the pain, brought her rival to the canvas, and attacked for a rear-naked choke.

“Unstoppable” ran out of time in the first, but she resumed that hunt for a finish in round two. 

The Singaporean-American took down Stamp again and threatened with several submissions – including a triangle and a twister – before going back to the neck.

Eventually, Lee was able to flatten out the Thai megastar and slide her left arm under Stamp’s neck, squeezing and driving her hips to force the tap with just 10 seconds left in the round.

#1 Alex Silva Uses Leg Lock To Even Score With Adrian Mattheis

After a controversial first encounter, Alex “Little Rock” Silva got his revenge against Adrian “Papua Badboy” Mattheis with a slick leg lock at ONE 158: Tawanchai vs. Larsen on 3 June. 

Mattheis won their first bout by TKO, but the Brazilian thought it was stopped too early, and he seized on his chance to level the score in Singapore. 

Silva constantly attacked for submissions when the rematch hit the ground, while his Indonesian rival did his best to defend and scramble back up to his feet.

Trying to stand finally caught up with “Papua Badboy,” as Silva used that attempt to attach himself to his rival’s leg. He off-balanced Mattheis and sent him back to the canvas, before trying a toe hold and a kneebar before settling on an inside heel hook. 

Torquing his foe’s heel and driving the pressure into the knee, “Little Rock” got a hurried tap from the impressive leg attack.

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