The First Thing ONE Superstars Want To Do After Lockdown

ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon prays following his win over Jonathan Haggerty

Not every country has taken the same steps, but most governments around the world have implemented some restrictions on their residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the closure of gyms to stay-at-home notices and complete lockdowns, all of the athletes on the ONE Championship roster have experienced some change to their daily lives.

Just like fans all across the globe, the promotion’s martial arts superstars have been thinking about their respective futures.

Whether it is some simple family time or going out to eat at a restaurant, here are the first things they want to do once some normality resumes.

Rodtang Jitmuangnon

“Of course, I would like to go back to fighting – that’s only the job I have. I have to take care of my old and sick parents. I would like Thailand to come out of lockdown very soon because my 10 siblings can go back to work as normal. I am worried about them more than myself.”

Lito Adiwang

Lito Adiwang ONE FIRE FURY DC IMGL2392.jpg

“The first thing I’ll do is go and see my relatives who were really hit [hard] by the pandemic, particularly financially, so I can figure out what I can do to help them. Then, it’s back to training. We do train at home, but it’s different when you have actual sparring. I really miss sparring because that’s the closest thing to actual competition.”

Amir Khan

“[I want to go to] the movies. Also, I would like to go to the zoo. I want to take my kid to the zoo, and I can’t wait for it to be open again. My son loves animals so much, so that will definitely be the first thing on my list.”

Mohammed Bin Mahmoud

Liam Harrison defeats VS Mohammed Bin Mahmoud at ONE A NEW TOMORROW DC 5482.jpg

“I think once the COVID-19 pandemic ends, I’d really love to go out and hang out at the shops with my friends. Besides that, I’d love to get back to training in the gym because it doesn’t feel right doing it at home.”

Yuya Wakamatsu

“I want to go out with my kid. I even get excited thinking about that before I sleep. I want to go to Tokyo Disneyland because I have never been there with my kid.”

Muangthai PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym

Muangthai PK. Saenchaimuaythaigym at ONE A NEW TOMORROW DC 5258.jpg

“I plan to invest in a motor spare parts business, but I will wait until the COVID-19 pandemic passes and Thailand comes out of lockdown so shops and business open like normal. I already have some investments, but I would like to do more.”

Ryogo Takahashi

“I want to do a barbecue. Even if it’s the same meal, it feels more delicious when we eat outside. Also, we can have a great, fun time. I think everyone is getting bored, so even now, although we cannot, I want to call my friends to meet up and eat out together while we talk about small things.”

Azwan Che Wil

Malaysian athlete Azwan Che Wil kicks his opponent

“The first thing I’d want to do is probably enjoy Hari Raya with my family, but only once the situation gets better. Apart from that, I’d love to play football and get back to my Muay Thai training again.”

Troy Worthen

“I want to go out to a nice restaurant, since I’m a super foodie, and I love the culture in Singapore because they have buffets everywhere.

“The first thing I’ll probably do is go get that training session, then go straight to a buffet line because I usually do one every two or three weeks. I’ll train hard and then I’ll give myself a Saturday where I just go to a buffet and go crazy.”

Pongsiri Mitsatit

Pongsiri Mitsatit enters the Mall Of Asia Arena

“I would like to have a fight in ONE Championship. It’s my life and my job. I am a partner of a barbershop, but it’s also closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and that business is new for me.”

Hiroki Akimoto

“I want to let my kid and dog play at a park. Now we can go for a walk, but my dog cannot run or chase a ball and seems to be stressed. I really place that as a priority.”

Nong-O Gaiyanghadao

Nong-O Gaiyanghadao defends his ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World TItle against Saemapetch Fairtex at ONE EDGE OF GREATNESS

“I would like to go back to my hometown in Thailand where my family is waiting for me. I miss my family. I miss the times when I could hug my wife and my boys. I miss the times when we enjoyed meals together.”

Mei Yamaguchi

“I want to see the members of the gospel choir and sing together. Although we keep singing without gathering, it is best if we can sing together. I really, really want to do that!”

Rene Catalan

Rene Catalan at the ONE MASTERS OF FATE open workout

“I hope I get a fight quickly. I am really itching to bounce back. So the first thing I’ll do is work, work, and work because I have to fight again and get back on track.”

Shuya Kamikubo

“I had a plan to go abroad and train. Also, I have wanted to go to Tōjinbō. I also want to visit Korea, the United States, and Australia when it becomes possible to travel. As for the trip abroad, I want to do it as soon as possible. There are a lot of people I want to see.”


Sunoto at ONE CENTURYYK 6792.jpg

“Obviously, I would like to go train. I haven’t because now I am in my hometown [in Blora, Central Java], and I can’t go back to Jakarta yet. It’s been more than two months. I can’t train properly because I have no sparring partners here.

“Also, I want to meet my friends and relatives. It feels truly different because we usually celebrate the Ramadan fasting month together.”

Stamp Fairtex

“I would like to go back to training like normal and get back in the ring to take my World Title back [from Janet Todd]. I would like to chase my dream in mixed martial arts, too. I still want to be the three-sport World Champion.”

Yushin Okami

Yushin Okami at ONE CENTURY DC IMGL6969.jpg

“I want to visit restaurants with my family and fellow martial artists.

“I exercise self-restraint under the coronavirus crisis and refrain from going out if not urgent, so I refrain from eating out. The food service industry is in a severe situation, but they are trying their best regardless of the situation.

“I want to go to restaurants to enjoy food with everyone when the crisis is contained. I am looking forward to doing this. I am as excited as when I went out with my wife for the first time!”

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