Top 10 MMA Gyms In Singapore To Add To Your Fitness Routine

Amir Khan hits the heavybag at Evolve MMA

Mixed martial arts is a high-octane sport that demands a combination of speed, strength, strategy, and, most importantly, skill. Whether you’re a novice eager to dive into the Circle for the first time or an advanced fighter aiming to sharpen your techniques, finding the right training ground is crucial to your development. After all, a warrior is only as good as the arena that forges them. That’s where Singapore, a burgeoning hub of combat sports, comes into play.

This vibrant city-state may be small in size, but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to offering world-class MMA training facilities. From high-tech gyms with state-of-the-art equipment to seasoned trainers who have honed their skills in various corners of the globe, Singapore has it all. But with a plethora of options, how do you select the one that meets your specific needs?

Worry not, for we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve rounded up the top 10 MMA gyms in Singapore – places that not only excel in their training regimens, but also cultivate nurturing environments for fighters of all levels.

#1 Evolve MMA

1 evolve

Evolve MMA boasts a lineup of World Champion instructors with extensive experience in various martial arts, including MMA, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and more. Many of their instructors are either current World Champions or former titleholders in their respective disciplines, which brings a level of expertise and knowledge to their training programs.

The gym has produced or trained fighters who have competed at the highest levels of the sport, including ONE Championship. Also, Evolve MMA is home to World Champions and superstars like Demetrious Johnson, Mikey Musumeci, Xiong Jing Nan, Angela Lee, Christian Lee, Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, Alex Silva, and Amir Khan

In addition, Evolve MMA is known for its high-quality facilities, equipped with modern amenities and plenty of space for training. The environment is conducive to both learning and high-intensity workouts, which is essential for MMA training. The gym also has a large community of members, from beginners to professional fighters, and the network of people you can meet and train with can be an invaluable resource for your own development in the sport. They often offer seminars, workshops, and other events that can be beneficial for aspiring fighters or those simply interested in martial arts.

Evolve MMA has 5 locations in Singapore: Evolve MMA (Far East Square – Raffles Place), Evolve MMA (Orchard Central – Orchard), Evolve MMA (Kinex – East Coast), Evolve MMA (Clarke Quay Central), and Evolve MMA (Star Vista – Buona Vista).

Main Location: 26 China Street, Far East Square #01-01, Singapore 049568
Number: (65) 6536 4525

#2 Synergy BJJ MMA Academy Singapore

2 synergy bjj mma gym

Known for their focus on quality coaching and building strong fundamentals in mixed martial arts, Synergy MMA houses the official Rickson Gracie Team.

As the name implies, Synergy MMA captures the essence of the sport: combining forces for a superior total effect. Their mission is to promote and spread mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu throughout the world, with academies representing the highest standard of martial arts teachings.

Located at North Canal Road and full of state-of-the-art equipment, Synergy MMA is a place you might not want to miss if you are planning to try out mixed martial arts.

Address: 41A North Canal Road, 2F S059297, Singapore
Number: (65) 9322 5576

#3 Stronghold MMA

3 stronghold mma

Stronghold MMA is a family-owned enterprise offering martial arts classes for individuals aged 5 and up. Situated in Turf Club Road, the academy is managed by Luke and Charmaine Leasure, a married couple with over seven years of experience in training and teaching martial arts.

Committed to being a family-friendly gym, they specialize in creating a welcoming environment. Prioritizing safety and inclusivity, the academy ensures that its classes are accessible to people of all experience levels, fitness levels, genders, and body types. 

Stronghold MMA adopts a university-like approach to its training, where each lesson is part of a long-term curriculum aimed at maximizing retention. This thoughtful structuring helps prevent students from feeling lost or falling behind.

One of the standout features of Stronghold MMA is its focus on individual student growth. The instructors, including Luke and Charmaine, engage in hands-on training with the students almost daily. This approach fosters strong student-teacher relationships and ensures that no pupil feels neglected or overlooked.

Address: 100 Turf Club Rd, #01-02A Horsecity, Singapore 287992
Number: (65) 8569 1098

#4 Matrix MMA

4 matrix mma

Established in 2020, Matrix MMA aspires to be a leading mixed martial arts gym in Singapore. The gym boasts an elite team of instructors, including the likes of former ONE Championship star Major Overall. Its cadre of trainers ranks among the finest in the country, encompassing competitive fighters with brown to black belts, national team athletes, and boxing champions.

Matrix MMA provides comprehensive training in all facets of martial arts. Whether one is a beginner learning basic techniques or a professional honing advanced footwork, the gym’s curriculum caters to all skill and fitness levels. This makes it an ideal choice for beginners interested in martial arts as a sport or for general health, fitness enthusiasts in search of a structured training regime, and experts aiming to elevate their skills.

Prioritizing top-notch training facilities, spaces, and equipment, Matrix MMA never compromises on quality. Clients can train with the assurance that they will never encounter a subpar coaching experience or an overcrowded space. With its friendly and experienced instructors, the gym offers an array of unlimited classes in MMA and other disciplines, making it a versatile training ground for people at any fitness level.

Location: 33D Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059672 (Level 5)
Number: (65) 8601 5928

#5 iMMA

5 IMMA Singapore

Located on Winstedt Road in Singapore, iMMA boasts a team of experienced instructors who hold certifications and possess extensive skills in mixed martial arts techniques and fitness training. The gym’s classes provide a comprehensive workout designed to bolster strength, enhance endurance, and elevate overall fitness levels. Catering to individuals of all skill sets, from beginners to seasoned athletes, iMMA offers a range of classes that meet diverse needs and abilities.

The philosophy at iMMA centers on making fitness an enjoyable and captivating experience. The gym fosters a supportive community that motivates members to strive for growth and progress. To maintain interest and offer ongoing challenges, a wide variety of classes are available. Safety and comfort are top priorities at iMMA. The facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring an optimal training environment for all members.

Additionally, the instructors are adept at making modifications and adjustments to workout routines as necessary, contributing to a safe and effective training experience for everyone.

Location: 10 Winstedt Rd, Singapore 227977
Number: (65) 9663 4597

#6 Juggernaut Fight Club

6 juggernaught fight club

Juggernaut Fight Club is an MMA and fitness gym with two locations –  one at Chinatown and one at Beach Road. It offers a range of combat sports and fitness programs, including but not limited to boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and wrestling.

The gym provides quality, personalized instruction for both beginners and professionals. Trainers at Juggernaut Fight Club often have a deep background in their respective disciplines, sometimes with professional or competitive experience, like ONE Championship superstar Rahul Raju.

Juggernaut Fight Club generally offers a variety of training amenities and spaces, making it a popular choice for people who are serious about their combat sports training. The gym’s programs can cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced athletes, and they often offer both group classes and private training sessions.

Main Location: 275 Beach Road #01-01, Singapore 199549
Number: (65) 9620 4376

#7 Impact MMA

7 impact mma

Since its establishment in 2010, Impact MMA on Race Course Road in Singapore has earned a reputation for offering high-quality, affordable martial arts training.

Guided by accomplished fighters and athletes, the academy excels in producing competitors who shine in both local and international arenas, across amateur and professional circuits.

The gym is known for its focused, gimmick-free approach to training, led by seasoned coaches. Equipped with state-of-the-art gear, the facility provides a comprehensive learning experience, covering both technical and strategic elements of combat sports.

Location: 424 Race Course Road Singapore 218670
Number: (65) 6223 8275

#8 Fight G MMA Academy

8 fight g

Situated on the renowned North Canal Road in Singapore, Fight G MMA Academy stands as an eminent mixed martial arts gym, offering an extensive array of courses in martial arts and overall fitness. With a focus on the esteemed arts of Muay Thai, boxing, and BJJ, the academy delivers top-notch instruction from highly qualified trainers. 

Upholding a community-driven ethos, Fight G MMA Academy creates a congenial atmosphere that nurtures trainees across various skill levels, thereby promoting both martial expertise and comprehensive physical conditioning.

In essence, Fight G MMA Academy serves as a hub for those either aspiring to master martial arts or seeking a robust workout experience.

Location: 41C North Canal Road Singapore 059297
Number: (65) 6438 5788

#9 Fighter Fitness Singapore

9 fighter fitness

Fighter Fitness Singapore distinguishes itself as a unique MMA gym with a curated range of offerings that extend beyond the conventional.

Martial arts disciplines such as krav maga and judo are among the training programs available. A particularly noteworthy feature of this establishment is its roster of specialized seminars, including anti-knife seminars, led by industry experts designed to empower individuals with essential self-defense skills.

Augmented by regular promotions and strategically situated across easily accessible locales, Fighter Fitness Singapore stands out as a compelling option to explore before settling on any alternative gym choices.

Furnished with cutting-edge equipment and guided by seasoned trainers, Fighter Fitness Singapore merits serious consideration for those seeking a holistic and enriching physical fitness experience.

Location: 63 Hillview Ave, #09-04, Singapore 669569
Number: (65) 6684 3055

#10 Onyx MMA

10 onyx mma

Situated in the residential epicenters of Singapore – namely Jurong East, Tampines, and Yishun – Onyx MMA provides a refreshing alternative to the plethora of martial arts facilities predominantly clustered in the Central Business District.

Tailored for individuals who embrace remote work or those yearning for a more community-oriented ambiance, the locations of Onyx MMA’s gyms are strategically poised to cater to such preferences.

Offering an array of martial arts disciplines including Muay Thai, BJJ, and boxing, Onyx MMA caters to a diverse demographic. Additionally, it extends its educational umbrella to encompass youth-focused courses, providing specialized training sessions for children.

To enhance accessibility, the establishment extends financial incentives in the form of discounted tuition for students and National Service Full-time personnel (NSFs), making it an even more attractive option for those in various life stages and commitments.

Main Location: 10 Science Centre Rd, #01-02, Singapore 609079
Number: (65) 8727 278

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