Top 3 Submission Victories Of 2020’s 3rd Quarter

Fabricio Andrade submits Mark Fairtex Abelardo

The past three months have featured a heavy dose of ONE Super Series Muay Thai and kickboxing action, and along the way, a plethora of mixed martial artists have executed marvelous submissions.

Some of those stars forced their opponents to tap out quickly, while others had to be patient and wait much longer. In fact, there was one competitor who secured the tap just seconds before the bell rang to end a round.

Without further ado, here are the three best submission victories of the quarter.

#3 ‘The Menace’ Gets An 88-Second Finish

Denice Zamboanga 🇵🇭 FINISHES Watsapinya Kaewkhong!

Denice Zamboanga 🇵🇭 FINISHES Watsapinya Kaewkhong with an Americana submission! Could Angela Lee be next? 🤔How to watch ONE: A NEW BREED 👉

Posted by ONE Championship on Friday, August 28, 2020

Last month, top-ranked contender Denice “The Menace” Zamboanga proved she is more than ready to challenge for the ONE Women’s Atomweight World Championship.

The unbeaten Filipina maintained her status with a dominant 88-second performance at ONE: A NEW BREED on 28 August.

Zamboanga did not waste any time. The 23-year-old immediately stormed Watsapinya “Dream Girl” Kaewkhong with rights and lefts, unloaded knees from the clinch, and then dumped her to the canvas with a double-leg takedown.

At that point, “The Menace” was ready to close the bout with an exclamation point.

From side control, she pinned down Kaewkhong’s right arm with her knee, softened her up with punches, and then secured the Americana while torquing the left arm to earn the tap.

#2 Another Zamboanga Gets The Job Done

Drex 🇵🇭 puts Detchadin TO SLEEP 😴

Drex “T-Rex” Zamboanga 🇵🇭 puts Detchadin Sornsirisuphathin TO SLEEP in an impressive ONE debut! 😴How to watch ONE: A NEW BREED 👉

Posted by ONE Championship on Friday, August 28, 2020

Drex “T-Rex” Zamboanga had an unforgettable debut in The Home Of Martial Arts.

Not only did the Filipino bantamweight share the card with his younger sister, Denice, but he also claimed a spectacular victory at ONE: A NEW BREED.

Zamboanga traded blows with Detchadin “Detchpool” Sornsirisuphathin all throughout the opening stanza, and he started getting the better of his Thai adversary in the second round.

With 90 seconds left in the frame, Sornsirisuphathin changed levels and went for a takedown, but “T-Rex” defended, eventually reversed the position, and put his rival on the mat.

When the Thai tried to scramble back to his feet, Zamboanga stepped over him to secure the back mount, sunk in his hooks, and locked up the rear-naked choke.

“Detchpool” tried to hold on to the end of the round, but he couldn’t. With two seconds left, he fell asleep, and the referee immediately stopped the contest and gave the Filipino the win.

#1 “Wonder Boy” Upsets Abelardo

Fabricio Andrade 🇧🇷 puts Mark Fairtex Abelardo to SLEEP!

Fabricio “Wonder Boy” Andrade 🇧🇷 puts Mark Fairtex Abelardo to SLEEP with a rear-naked choke!How to watch ONE: NO SURRENDER 👉

Posted by ONE Championship on Friday, July 31, 2020

Fabricio “Wonder Boy” Andrade had only a fraction of the mixed martial arts experience that ONE Warrior Series contract winner Mark “Tyson” Fairtex Abelardo possessed heading into their fight.

However, the Brazilian kickboxer wasn’t discouraged at all, and he wound up surprising everyone by submitting the well-rounded veteran at ONE: NO SURRENDER on 31 July.

Following a competitive opening stanza in which Andrade effectively peppered the Filipino-Kiwi with strikes, everything came to a boil just seconds into round two.

Abelardo caught a kick, held onto the single leg, and went to drive his Brazilian opponent to the canvas. But the lanky “Wonder Boy” defended, quickly maneuvered to his rival’s back, and put in his hooks while simultaneously sliding his left arm underneath the chin.

When Andrade locked up the rear-naked choke with his right arm and applied a tight squeeze moments later, “Tyson” desperately tried to hang on and find an escape route. But as he tried, he fell asleep, prompting the referee to stop the match and award the massive victory to the Brazilian debutant.

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