7 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Strawweight Muay Thai Queen Smilla Sundell

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Smilla “The Hurricane” Sundell will soon return to Bangkok’s legendary Lumpinee Boxing Stadium to defend her ONE Women’s Strawweight Muay Thai World Title.

On May 3 in U.S. primetime, the 19-year-old superstar will take on surging knockout artist Natalia “Karelian Lynx” Diachkova in the main event of ONE Fight Night 22 on Prime Video.

The youngest-ever ONE World Champion who won the inaugural gold at just 17 years old, Sundell has looked nothing short of dominant through four appearances in the world’s largest martial arts organization, firmly establishing herself as a pound-for-pound great.

Naturally, fans want to know more about the Swedish prodigy. With that in mind, here are seven quick facts about the reigning strawweight Muay Thai queen.

#1 She’s Collecting Her Own Fight Memorabilia

With 40 professional bouts already on her resume, Sundell boasts an impressive and extensive competitive career in the striking arts.

Through it all, she’s tried to keep as many fight-related items as possible to help remember her journey.

She told onefc.com:

“That’s my collection: my shorts, gloves, and everything. Maybe I’ll auction some stuff, but for now, I have it in my room for when I move out and get my own place to put it up there, maybe. Hopefully, stack up a lot of belts.”

#2 She Loves Online Quizzes

When she’s not in the training room, “The Hurricane” is a sucker for online personality quizzes.

She admits that she’s not picky about which quizzes she takes:

“I do everything, even those about myself, how I act, and if I have autism or ADHD. I take all of those tests. I do those Disney quizzes, too. Sometimes, when those ads come up on Facebook, I just do all of those.”

#3 She Knows Her Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Given her affinity for online quizzes, it’s no surprise that Sundell knows her Myers-Briggs personality type.

She’s taken the popular MBTI quiz several times and has received the same result each time (she’s an introvert):

“I am an ISTJ. It’s always the same, I’ve done it two or three times now.”

#4 She Can Handle Herself In The Kitchen

Luke “The Chef” Lessei isn’t the only ONE superstar cooking up something special.

Sundell knows her way around the kitchen and admits that as much as she loves cooking, her favorite part is eating her creations afterward:

“I like cooking fried rice. I like baking also because I like eating the stuff afterward. A good steak is always fun to cook – you just flip it, you know? And I just love to eat it. I guess that’s why it’s so fun because I get to eat it after.”

#5 Her Favorite Movies

Sundell has an eclectic taste in movies.

Whether it’s a comedy or an action-adventure, she likes watching relatively light-hearted films that give her an escape from the pressures of competing:

“I like ‘The Hangover.’ I think there are three now. Those are good. I also like watching Disney.”

#6 She’s A Big Fan Of Animated Films

As mentioned above, the Swede enjoys a number of classic Disney and Pixar movies.

She shared some of her favorites:

“I like ‘Mulan’ and ‘Princess and the Frog.’ ‘Tangled’ was ok. I like watching ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Shrek.’ Those are my comfort movies.”

#7 She Loves ‘Survivor’

It’s not just movies for the strawweight Muay Thai queen.

Sundell is a big fan of the “Survivor” TV series, and while she’d love to compete on the show someday, she concedes that she might not be the best contestant:

“I also like TV series like ‘Survivor’, like when they are on an island and do stuff. I liked the Swedish one.

“I think I’d like to do it one day, but I don’t know how I will be a good player there because I don’t like sand, and then you’re gonna be cold, and you’re not gonna be able to eat food. I’m not sure, but I think I would like to try it.”

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