Top 3 Mixed Martial Arts Knockouts Of 2020’s 3rd Quarter

Japanese fighter Akihiro Fujisawa punches Pongsiri Mitsatit

The past three months have featured plenty of epic ONE Super Series battles, but we can’t forget about the spectacular knockouts from the promotion’s mixed martial arts contests.

Some athletes were able to recapture the magic that was previously lost, while other rising stars made an instant impact in their ONE Championship debuts.

Here are the top three mixed martial arts knockouts of 2020’s third quarter.

#3 Royle’s Explosive Hooks & Crosses


🎥 TRIFECTA: BEN ROYLE 🆚 QUITIN THOMAS 🎥Ben Royle's superb ONE debut from three knockout angles!

Posted by ONE Championship on Friday, August 21, 2020

When Ben Royle met Quitin Thomas in a featherweight mixed martial arts bout at ONE: NO SURRENDER III in August, many expected it to be a strategic grappling battle.

However, the BJJ-savvy Royle opted to display his striking, as he battered the wrestling-based American en route to a third-round TKO.

The Englishman mixed up his strikes and even tenderized Thomas’ legs with kicks, which paid dividends in the final two minutes of the contest.

Just as the American leaned forward and got low, Royle dropped him with a massive left uppercut. Thomas immediately hopped back to his feet, but the Phuket Top Team standout was on the attack.

Royle threw a pair of kicks to his rival’s lead leg, backed him up with the jab, and then sealed the deal with an onslaught of lead hooks and left crosses.

#2 Yodkaikaew Rocks Shink In Debut


🎥 TRIFECTA: YODKAIKAEW 🆚 JOHN SHINK 🎥Exclusive footage of Y2K's knockout ONE Championship debut! 🤯

Posted by ONE Championship on Friday, August 14, 2020

Yodkaikaew “Y2K” Fairtex had an unforgettable month in The Home Of Martial Arts.

Most recently, the rising star defeated Tiger Muay Thai’s Alex Schild with repeated leg kicks at ONE: A NEW BREED in late August.

And just a few weeks earlier, he dispatched Schild’s teammate John Shink at ONE: NO SURRENDER II in extraordinary fashion.

Though Shink originally wanted to stand toe-to-toe with his fellow Muay Thai stylist, he resorted to grappling when the Fairtex representative’s strikes became too much in the opening minute of the second round.

However, when Yodkaikaew returned to his feet, the Tiger Muay Thai product was forced to stand and trade again. Soon, he would have a major “Y2K” problem.

As Shink stepped forward to throw a looping right hook, the Fairtex standout fired a left cross straight down the pipe.

That punch rocked Shink, who immediately retreated to the ropes in an effort to get out of harm’s way. However, Yodkaikaew followed him there, threw a right hook, readjusted himself, and then missed with a huge right uppercut.

The Thai wouldn’t miss with his next punch, though. “Y2K” wound up and clocked his previously undefeated rival with a massive left cross for the bout-ending knockout.

#1 Fujisawa Hands Mitsatit His First KO Loss


🎥 TRIFECTA: PONGSIRI MITSATIT 🆚 AKIHIRO FUJISAWA 🎥"Superjap's" stunning one-punch knockout of "The Smiling Assassin" from all angles!

Posted by ONE Championship on Friday, August 14, 2020

Pongsiri “The Smiling Assassin” Mitsatit may be a highly accomplished striker, but that did not faze Akihiro “Superjap” Fujisawa.

The veteran boldly stepped into the ring at ONE: NO SURRENDER II and handed his Thai opponent the first knockout loss of his professional mixed martial arts career.

Fujisawa used his grappling to frustrate Mitsatit, a Northern Muay Thai Champion of Thailand, early in the opening stanza. But in the waning moments of the bout, the Japanese star utilized his boxing to stun “The Smiling Assassin.”

First, “Superjap” changed levels before springing forward with a left hook to the chin, which dropped the Thai strawweight to the canvas. He followed that up with ground punches, short elbows, and even knees to the head, but Mitsatit was able to escape.

As both men returned to their feet, Mitsatit leaned in and connected with a hard cross to the chin. But Fujisawa immediately responded with another left hook to the temple, which crumpled “The Smiling Assassin” to the mat and forced the referee to stop the contest.

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