The Best Submissions From Garry Tonon And Other ONE: BIG BANG Stars

Garry Tonon submits Yoshiki Nakahara with his trademark leg lock

A group of heavy hitters will be under the spotlight at ONE Championship’s upcoming martial arts spectacle, but the stacked card also features submission wizards who are ready to make a statement.

Those mixed martial artists will enter the Circle at ONE: BIG BANG on Friday, 4 December, and they’ll be using their phenomenal grappling skills in hopes of coercing their opponents to tap out.

Before the stars gather for another incredible night at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, let’s relive three of their best-ever submission victories on the global stage.

Tonon’s 55-Second Masterclass

In May 2019, #5-ranked featherweight contender Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon proved why he’s considered the premier submission grappler on the planet.

The multiple-time BJJ No-Gi World Champion went toe-to-toe with dangerous Japanese veteran Yoshiki Nakahara at ONE: ENTER THE DRAGON, and though many expected to witness a highly competitive affair, the undefeated American extinguished that notion in a mere 55 seconds.

Tonon was energetic at the start of the contest, as he constantly moved around the ring, dodged his opponent’s punches, and threw kicks. Soon after, the American threatened with punches as he approached Nakahara and then grabbed the Japanese star’s right leg for what seemed to be a takedown attempt.

But instead, “The Lion Killer” held onto the leg, fell onto his own back, and pulled his rival into an ashi garami leg entanglement. With Nakahara’s right leg trapped, Tonon quickly readjusted his grip to apply the heel hook and torqued it until the Japanese athlete tapped out seconds later.

The global fan base should expect to see some more of Tonon’s BJJ magic when he faces #3-ranked featherweight contender Koyomi “Moushigo” Matsushima in the co-main event of ONE: BIG BANG.

Kingad Submits His Compatriot

Danny “The King” Kingad may be known for his wushu striking, but the #2-ranked flyweight contender has also been developing his grappling skills over the years. Fans had a chance to see those improvements at ONE: AGE OF DOMINATION in December 2016.

Just 30 seconds into his contest with fellow Filipino knockout artist Eugene Toquero, Kingad threw a body kick. Toquero caught the leg and ate a few punches as he went for a trip takedown. However, “The King” used his countryman’s forward momentum to flip him onto the mat and stay in top position.

Ultimately, Toquero would never return to his feet. Kingad remained busy on the ground, as he constantly improved his position, went for submissions, and even unloaded methodical strikes when the opportunity presented itself.

In the final minute of the opening stanza, “The King” decided to act from side control. He reached across Toquero’s body and trapped his opponent’s right arm. Toquero felt the armbar coming, so he locked his hands together to prevent the move. But that didn’t help, as Kingad softened his foe with short elbows to the head.

As soon as Toquero unlocked his hands, the Team Lakay star swiveled around to the right side of his adversary’s body, fell onto his back to secure the armbar, and applied immense pressure to coerce the tap.

“The King” would love to submit #3-ranked Kairat “The Kazakh” Akhmetov at ONE: BIG BANG. If he does, he’d be the first person to ever finish Akhmetov.

Torres Forces ‘Tiny Doll’ To Quit

Thai mixed martial arts pioneer Rika “Tiny Doll” Ishige enjoyed a magnificent start to life in The Home Of Martial Arts, but Jomary “The Zamboanginian Fighter” Torres derailed that momentum at ONE: KINGS & CONQUERORS in August 2017.

Though the then-undefeated Ishige held the edge in the opening round, Torres turned the tide in the second.

At first, the Filipina used her striking to wear Ishige down. “The Zamboanginian Fighter” caught a body kick with her left hand, thew alternating right punches and leg kicks, and then landed a takedown. And when the Thai returned to her feet, the Catalan Fighting System product picked her shots and cracked “Tiny Doll” with massive overhand rights.

Soon, Torres caught another body kick and dropped Ishige to the mat with another colossal overhand right.

The Filipina followed her adversary to the canvas, trapped her with a knee on top of the leg, and rained down ground-and-pound. And when Ishige turned her head sideways, Torres slid her left arm under the chin and locked up a rear-naked choke from a dominant position.

Once the squeeze was applied, the Thai star was forced to tap out.

Now, Torres hopes to defeat another icon in Ritu “The Indian Tigress” Phogat on 4 December in Singapore.

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