Danial Williams Says Demetrious Johnson, Nong-O Are ‘Definitely’ The GOATs Of MMA, Muay Thai

Danial Williams is declared the winner at ONE 159

Danial Williams believes that fans watching the recent ONE on Prime Video 1: Moraes vs. Johnson II fight card witnessed two of the best combat sports athletes of all time in action.

As the #5-ranked contender in both the MMA and Muay Thai divisions at strawweight, “Mini T” is well-equipped to judge greatness in both disciplines, and he’s convinced there was plenty of it on August 26.

That evening in U.S. primetime, American MMA icon Demetrious Johnson headlined the bill in a ONE Flyweight World Title rematch with Adriano Moraes.

He proceeded to deliver a knockout performance that furthered his reputation as the best in history, and Williams was thoroughly entertained.

The Australian-Thai slugger told ONEFC.com:

“Of course, the top highlight from that card was Johnson cementing his status and showing the world who the GOAT of MMA is.”

Johnson entered as the challenger after he was knocked out for the first time in his career by Moraes last year, and early in the rematch, he appeared to be behind on the scorecards.

However, “Mighty Mouse” came on strong in the later rounds and ultimately scored a highlight-reel KO with a flying knee in the fourth frame.

For Williams, that ability to bounce back, display mental fortitude, and earn the shocking finish made Johnson’s World Title victory even more impressive.

He said:

“After the first couple of rounds, and maybe a little bit in the third, Moraes just was in cruise control. He looked like the bigger man, and everything he was doing seemed to have worked against Johnson. He looked stronger, too. 

“I was a bit worried for DJ. But that just shows DJ’s experience, skill set, and why he is there. As a striker myself, that finish was awesome. Pure awesome.”

Danial Williams Thinks Nong-O Is Muay Thai’s Greatest Ever

Just like Demetrious Johnson in MMA, Danial Williams thinks Nong-O Gaiyanghadao deserves to be in the same conversation within Muay Thai.

At ONE on Prime Video 1, Nong-O stopped Liam Harrison with a thudding leg kick TKO to defend his ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title for the sixth time.

It was the Thai legend’s fourth straight stoppage victory, and like many fans across the globe, “Mini T” is in awe of his talents.

He said:

“He’s definitely the best striker out there, in ONE Super Series or across other Muay Thai promotions too. Take a look at who he has fought – he’s dominated all of them. He’s fought the top Thais, top foreigners. 

“I think there’s no one that does it better than him at the moment. He’s a really smart dude with a really good fight IQ. And that is why he has stayed at the top for so long. You can’t argue. He’s definitely the GOAT.”

While Nong-O does everything well, Williams sees a few elements that set him apart from the rest – and it’s not anything flashy.

The Australian-Thai athlete believes the 35-year-old is so cool under pressure that he can strike with a combination of clarity and accuracy that nobody else can match.

Williams added:

“Honestly, it’s just how calm he is [that impresses me the most]. The walkout and everything. He’s just so composed in the ring too.

“He doesn’t do anything extra. He just throws what he needs to. If he wants to throw a kick, he will make sure it’s a solid kick. If he wants to throw a punch, he makes sure it lands hard and fast. All the time, it lands. His precision, composure, and calmness, and maybe even his power [make him the best].”

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