Smart ONE Fantasy Plays For ONE: DAWN OF VALOR

ONE Welterweight World Champion Zebaztian Kadestam

This coming Friday, 25 October, martial arts fans will witness ONE Championship’s final Indonesian event of the year.

The world’s largest martial arts organization will return to the Istora Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia for ONE: DAWN OF VALOR. With two World Title bouts and a slew of local talent filling out the card, fans are in for a treat.

While fans are gearing up for the show, they are also preparing themselves for another round of ONE Fantasy, which can be played exclusively on the ONE Super App.

ONE Fantasy has excited fans and critics alike since its launch a few weeks ago, and every person has the opportunity to construct his or her best fantasy squad ahead of Friday night.

Before you create your team, take a look at some of the smartest ONE Fantasy plays ahead of ONE: DAWN OF VALOR and learn how you can make the most of your 100 credits.

Most Points Per Selection

Regian Eersel punches Nieky Holzken at ONE: ENTER THE DRAGON

There are four athletes who can provide you with the most possible points per single selection — ONE Welterweight World Champion Zebaztian “The Bandit” Kadestam, his challenger Kiamrian “Brazen” Abbasov, ONE Lightweight Kickboxing World Champion Regian “The Immortal” Eersel, and his challenger Nieky “The Natural” Holzken.

If you pick just one of these athletes, then he could potentially earn you 525 points. To achieve that, the chosen athlete would need to be ranked number one on your fantasy team and get a first-round stoppage victory at ONE: DAWN OF VALOR.

Furthermore, if you select two of these athletes, they could potentially get you a whopping 945 points. However, to achieve that, both athletes would need to be ranked number one and number two on your fantasy team and each would need to claim a first-round stoppage victory in the Indonesian capital.

That is quite a lot of points — assuming everything goes right. But in order to stand a chance of even obtaining that gargantuan amount, you may have to potentially gamble the most credits possible.

Kadestam costs 19 credits and Eersel costs 18 credits, which is practically a third of your 100-credit allotment. Unlike the reigning World Champions, both Abbasov and Holzken are cheaper at 12 credits per selection, which would allow you to spend more credits elsewhere.

Also, keep in mind, if none of these four athletes are ranked that high and their respective match-ups drag into the later rounds, your point potential will significantly decrease. Worst case scenario, if these athletes are unranked and get a decision win, you will get 35 points.

Best Value Plays

There are lots of great value picks all throughout the card, but the best ones undoubtedly lie with Frederico “The Little Big Man” Roma, Wang “Golden Boy” Junguang, and John “Hands Of Stone” Lineker.

Each of these athletes cost the bare minimum of 10 credits since they are all ONE Championship newcomers. However, their placement on the main card provides at least 30 points if they are left unranked and get a decision win.

The real value is where they are ranked on your team.

If you rank one of these athletes at the number one spot, he can earn you a maximum of 450 points. At the number two spot, it drops to 360 points (followed by 270 points at the number three spot, 180 points at the number four spot, 135 points at the number five spot, and 90 points if ranked outside of your top five).

Although Roma, Wang, and Lineker will not get you the most points per selection, they will give you the most bang for your buck.

Sneaky Good Value Picks

Indonesian wrestling star Eko Roni Saputra lunges forward with a cross on Niko Soe.

Every credit counts when building a ONE Fantasy team. It could mean the difference between selecting a more costly athlete or selecting an extra athlete for your fantasy squad.

For instance, by selecting Abbasov and Holzken for a combined 24 credits instead of Kadestam and Eersel for a combined 37 credits, you stand the chance of gaining the same amount of points and have 13 extra credits to spend elsewhere. In most cases, that’s an extra athlete who could bring considerable value to your team.

There are lots of sneaky good value picks throughout the card that will add more firepower to your squad — including Eko Roni Saputra, Kaji “Alpha” Ebin, Ayideng Jumayi, Antonio “The Spartan” Caruso, Abro “The Black Komodo” Fernandes, “Johnny Boy” Nunez, Alexi “Phet” Serepisos, Taiki “Silent Sniper” Naito, and “Zenwalk” Adi Paryanto.

Each one of these athletes cost 10 credits to put on your fantasy team and will give you a minimum of 25 points per decision win. That number will only rise if the athlete is ranked and gets a stoppage.

Dutch kickboxing legend Nieky Holzken cracks Regian Eersel with a kick at ONE: ENTER THE DRAGON in May 2018.

Ultimately, how you build your fantasy team is your decision — and only your decision.

We are not encouraging you to pick any athlete above the other. If you are more confident in a more costly athlete, then go with that athlete. Follow your instincts.

However, an extra athlete or a higher ranking position could be the difference in beating all the other ONE Fantasy teams in the world.

Choose wisely, have fun, and may the best squad win on Friday night.

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