5 Fast Facts About Rising Muay Thai Star Wondergirl Fairtex

Thai star Nat Wondergirl Jaroonsak smiles after her big debut win

After two scorching finishes in 2020, Wondergirl Fairtex is ready to face a dangerous ONE Super Series newcomer.

The 22-year-old phenom will battle Filipino-American Jackie Buntan in a strawweight Muay Thai contest at ONE: FISTS OF FURY on 26 February at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Before she goes for her third consecutive knockout on the global stage, here are five things to know about the Fairtex standout.

#1 Her Sister Also Competes In ONE

Wondergirl’s younger sister, Supergirl Jaroonsak Muaythai, also fights under the ONE Super Series Muay Thai banner.

Seventeen-year-old Supergirl made her promotional debut last September in Bangkok, where she faced fellow debutant Milagros Lopez at ONE: A NEW BREED II.

With a clear reach and power advantage, the Jaroonsak Muaythai representative needed just 60 seconds to dispatch her rival by KO, instantly becoming a name to watch in the atomweight division.

Despite currently training out of different gyms, Wondergirl and Supergirl have an inseparable bond – one that was forged while being raised by the man who also trained them.

#2 Learned Muay Thai From Her Father

Wondergirl now trains and competes out of Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya, Thailand, but she developed her skills under the watchful eye of her dad, Jaroon Chanthasri.

Chanthasri is a former Muay Thai fighter who built a camp at his home in Bangkok. As soon as Wondergirl could walk, her father had her on the pads to learn the striking craft.

Under her father’s tutelage, Wondergirl amassed more than 30 wins in the sport and became a two-time Thailand Muay Thai Champion.

Her dad, believing that his daughter would one day become a striking superstar, was also responsible for giving Wondergirl the nickname that fans around the world have come to know her by.

#3 Named After A Korean K-Pop Group

Wondergirl originally competed under her real name, Nat, but her father knew she needed something more memorable to catch the eyes of promotions and fans.

He tried to think of a suitable fight name for his firstborn child, but he couldn’t decide on anything worth keeping. Then one day, it hit him.

At that time, the song “Nobody” by Korean K-Pop sensation Wonder Girls had every teenager in Thailand in hysteria.

Wondergirl’s father thought it would be a great idea to name his daughter after the iconic group – and the moniker has stuck ever since.

#4 Prefers Cats Over Dogs

Wondergirl is a lover and a fighter. In fact, she loves furry felines.

The Fairtex athlete grew up with cats at her father’s gym, and even when she’s away from home, she can’t resist picking up the cuddly creatures whenever she sees one.

In fact, she loves them so much that it’s almost a mystery why she wasn’t named after superhero Catwoman.

Wondergirl might love to cuddle with cats, but get close enough to the Thai native in the Circle, and she might do serious damage.

#5 Studies Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Since joining ONE Super Series, Wondergirl has made quite the name for herself as a striker, stopping both Brooke Farrell and KC “Pinay Fight” Carlos by knockout.

But when she’s not refining her skills in Muay Thai, she dabbles in another martial art – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Wondergirl has been training in the gentle art at Fairtex under renowned BJJ coach DJ Jackson. She’s even competed in local grappling tournaments, where she’s placed first on the podium.

Could we see Wondergirl transition to mixed martial arts sometime in the future? Only time will tell. First, she has to get past Buntan at ONE: FISTS OF FURY on 26 February.

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