ONE Championship Stars Break Down Sitthichai Vs. Superbon

Thailand's kickboxing superstars Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong and Superbon

ONE Championship’s long-awaited return may be headlined by a pair of World Title fights, but a featherweight kickboxing super-bout between two promotional newcomers will push ONE: NO SURRENDER‘s card to another level.

This Friday, “The Killer Kid” Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong will make his highly-anticipated ONE debut against the man known as Superbon in Bangkok, Thailand, and the global fan base has been eagerly awaiting this momentous trilogy contest.

When the two strikers initially met in January 2016, Sitthichai knocked out his compatriot with a right hook in the second round.

But merely eight months later, Superbon earned redemption by defeating “The Killer Kid” via unanimous decision.

Now, as both Thai stars prepare for their trilogy fight, ONE Championship’s superstar athletes break down the thrilling match-up.

Yuta Watanabe

Japanese Muay Thai Fighter Yuta Watanabe enters the arena

“This bout will be punching versus kicking!

“Punching means Sitthichai. Although he is a Muay Thai athlete, he has high boxing skills, so I want to see how he will attack. On the other hand, kicking means Superbon. His right middle kick is unbelievably strong! I think he will throw right kicks a lot to open up chances to punch.

“They competed twice, and this time, it will be a rubber match, so I am looking forward to seeing the conclusion of this trilogy.

“Overall, I think how the match plays out will depend on how they adjust themselves to the ONE Super Series judging criteria, which focuses more on the accumulation of damage.”

Ritu “The Indian Tigress” Phogat

Indian wrestling star Ritu Phogat gets the winner's medal

“It’s a clash of titans. Both are legendary kickboxers. They have been on top for quite some time, and I am excited to see their debuts in ONE Championship.

“This is a tough one to predict, as both are supremely talented. I am confused about this one and want to see how it goes. If I must pick, I will go with Sitthichai.”

Gurdarshan “Saint Lion” Mangat

Indian mixed martial arts star Gurdarshan Mangat throws a jab

“I have watched Sitthichai for a long time. He is a legend. Fighting is in his DNA, and it’s beautiful to watch. He has reactions like that of The Matrix movie, and he’s someone who is very interesting to watch. I will have to go with Sitthichai.”

Josh “Timebomb” Tonna

Australian Muay Thai star Josh Tonna throws a body kick

“Sitthichai and Superbon is a hard one to pick. I feel whoever turns up hungrier on the night will get this. I do, however, like Sitthichai’s style with the walk-up knees and strong kicks, so I give it to Sitthichai.”

Taiki “Silent Sniper” Naito

Japanese striker Taiki Naito cracks Savvas Michael Petchyindee Academy with a punch

“I am curious about Sitthichai versus Superbon.

“Before they came to ONE, both athletes were active in Europe, and I was checking the results of their matches all the time. This bout might go the full distance, but I am sure that we can watch their offenses and defenses at the highest level throughout the bout.”

Kenta Yamada

Japanese fighter Kenta Yamada punches Sangmanee Sathian MuayThai

“I have an impression of Sitthichai as an athlete who has good eyes and punches. Those advantages might not have that much significance in a normal bout between Thai athletes, but this bout is a kickboxing contest under the ONE Super Series judging criteria.

“I think Sitthichai will try to attack Superbon’s holes by tactically using various punches including uppercuts, straight punches to the body, and hooks.”

Puja “The Cyclone” Tomar

Indian mixed martial artist Puja Tomar throws a kick at Bi Nguyen

“I’m excited to see these two stars debut in ONE Championship!

“In this kickboxing bout, it is possible that we are looking at two future ONE World Champions facing off against each other. I am sure it will be a competitive match, but I think Sitthichai will win this one.”

Elliot “The Dragon” Compton

Elliot Compton in action against Matthew Semper

“This will be a game of inches! Both of these guys are legends and extremely dangerous in every facet of the sport!

“Superbon has the unstoppable ability to make his opponent compete at a pace that suits him. His kicks are second to none, as are his experience and fight IQ. Sitthichai, however, is a crafty southpaw with many KOs on his resume also.

“I think for Sitthichai to have his hand raised, his best chance is to put Superbon against the ropes and work his speed and power boxing. But having said that, Superbon has great head movement and defensive skills coupled with incredible counter skills.

“I’m 50-50 on this one. Both athletes have the ability to counter each other’s strengths, but they can also capitalize on their weaknesses – if they even have any. Both are going to be crazy hungry to make a statement in their debuts and to set the standard for what’s to come!”

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