ONE’s Top 5 MMA Submissions From April-June 2021

Pictures from the fight between Eduard Folayang and Shinya Aoki from "ONE on TNT IV"

ONE Championship is home to some of the greatest submission specialists in the world, and they showcased their prowess on the global stage in the second quarter of 2021.

Along with some incredible knockouts, the promotion’s mixed martial arts stars scored a slew of stunning tap-out finishes that will long be remembered for their skill and execution.

Here, we’ve narrowed down the list and chosen our top five submissions from the last three months of action.

#5 Northcutt Showcases Grappling Acumen Against Martin

Though Colbey Northcutt grew up in the striking arts, the karate stylist showed that there’s much more to her all-around game when she tapped out Courtney “No Mercy” Martin at “ONE on TNT IV.”

Martin was the aggressor in taking the bout to the canvas, but Northcutt looked comfortable from her back and went on the offensive right away. The American used her long limbs to constantly attack with submissions, and eventually one stuck.

“No Mercy” hung tough in a triangle choke, but Northcutt then underhooked her rival’s leg and switched her angle to attack the arm instead.

From there, she toppled Martin over and extended her hips to elicit the tap from a tight armbar.

#4 Yoon Finishes Ma With Opportunistic Choke

“The Big Heart” Yoon Chang Min showed his well-rounded skill set against “Cannon” Ma Jia Wen when he submitted the Chinese wrestler in the opening frame at ONE: FULL BLAST II.

Yoon threw Ma to the deck and then tried to take his back in the ensuing scramble. While “Cannon” worked hard to prevent the South Korean from getting his hooks in, Yoon had his eyes one step ahead.

“The Big Heart” slid his left arm underneath Ma’s chin and locked up the choke instead, meaning his opponent’s attempts at defending the position were futile.

Yoon squeezed the strangle as “Cannon” was forced face-first into the mat. With nowhere to go, the referee dived in to halt the contest and handed the Team Stungun athlete an impressive victory.

#3 Do Chokes Out Liang In ONE Debut

In a phenomenal big-show debut, ONE Warrior Series graduate Anthony “The Antidote” Do defeated “The Little Monster” Liang Hui with a second-round triangle choke at ONE: FULL BLAST.

Liang’s wrestling was the decisive factor in the fast-paced grappling action of round one, but it ultimately put him in harm’s way in the second frame.

“The Little Monster” turned the corner to finish a double-leg takedown of his American rival, but he ran into trouble as he tried to secure some control on the ground. 

Do pushed away to escape until he saw his chance to throw his right leg over the Chinese athlete’s shoulder. Liang rushed straight into the trap, and Do cinched up his triangle choke.

Despite his rival’s best efforts to hold out, “The Antidote” tightened up his attack until it rendered “The Little Monster” unconscious for a memorable inaugural win.

#2 Miura Scores Trademark Scarf-Hold Americana 

Much was made of Ayaka “Zombie” Miura’s specialization ahead of her contest with Rayane Bastos at ONE: DANGAL, and the Japanese judoka once again proved its efficacy in their 58.25-kilogram catchweight tussle.

After forcing her opponent to the Circle Wall, Miura used her favored head-and-arm throw to send the Brazilian to the mat and moved straight into a scarf-hold control. Bastos escaped her fate that time and managed to regain her feet, but she didn’t stay there for long.

“Zombie” dragged her foe down for a second time and again moved straight into the scarf-hold position. This time, there was no room for Bastos to slip out, and Miura shoved her rival’s left arm between her legs.

From there, it was a done deal. The Tribe Tokyo MMA star drove her hips forward to put extreme pressure on Bastos’ elbow and shoulder, forcing the Brazilian to tap and hand Miura yet another scarf-hold Americana submission.

#1 Aoki Taps Out Folayang For Rubber-Match Victory

Shinya “Tobikan Judan” Aoki and Eduard “Landslide” Folayang were even at one win apiece ahead of their trilogy bout at ONE on TNT IV,” and the Japanese grappler settled their rivalry and broke ONE records with a trademark win.

“Tobikan Judan” pushed his foe to the Circle Wall, threatened with a flying triangle, and then rushed the Filipino to the canvas.

Once the action was on the ground, it was one-way traffic. Aoki triangled Folayang’s legs and then moved into the mount position, where he drilled “Landslide” with hard punches and elbows.

The Team Lakay man tried to find some space by shoving the BJJ and judo black belt away, but that exposed his arms. Aoki recognized the opportunity and latched onto Folayang’s left arm before dropping off to the side to finish the tight armbar without much resistance.

It was “Tobikan Judan’s” ninth submission victory in ONE — cementing his position as the most prolific ground finisher in promotional history.

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