Kulabdam Vs. Sangmanee lI: 4 Keys To Victory At ONE Friday Fights 2

Sangmanee throws a teep at Kulabdam

“Left Meteorite” Kulabdam Sor. Jor. Piek Uthai and “The Million Dollar Baby” Sangmanee PK.Saenchai appear set to blow the roof off Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in their main event rematch this Friday, January 27.

The Thai superstars have both won multiple Muay Thai World Titles at the iconic venue in Bangkok, Thailand, and they’ll aim to get closer to ONE Championship gold with a win at ONE Friday Fights 2.

Kulabdam scored an emphatic knockout win in their 2020 battle, but “The Million Dollar Baby” returned to the Circle with a victory over Zhang Chenglong last September, and he’ll be hungry to level the score this weekend.

Check out the keys to victory for both men as they gear up for a high-stakes bantamweight Muay Thai clash.

#1 The ‘Left Meteorite’

As his nickname suggests, Kulabdam’s left hand is one of the most feared weapons in the game. 

The hard-hitting striker has dispatched plenty of opponents with his concussive cross, and it only takes one connection to end any fight in an instant. 

With that power in mind, Kulabdam is happy to simply wade in using his left hand as a battering ram, but he also utilizes plenty of setups to help it find a home. 

The 24-year-old can use a jab or a lead hook to gauge the distance, and he employed his lead uppercut perfectly to prime the left hand in his first bout with Sangmanee. 

Moreover, he likes to dig his straight to the body to mix up his targets and keep his rivals guessing, before launching his crunching straight left over the top when they’re trying to defend the midsection. 

#2 Sangmanee’s Left Kicks

Although he’s competent in all areas, Sangmanee is well known for a rapid left kick that can often overwhelm his foes.

The strike packs an incredible amount of power and can wear an opponent down when it repeatedly smashes into their body. But even if Kulabdam manages to block some of them – like Kenta Yamada did in his 2020 clash with Sangmanee – his arms and punching strength will be severely diminished.

“The Million Dollar Baby” will hope to fend off Kulabdam’s aggressive attacks with his round kicks to the body and legs, and there’s always the chance for a finish when he whips it up high.

He can also combine the round kick with his push kicks to upset the rhythm and timing when his foe advances with punching combinations.

However, Sangmanee has to be careful with how he tees them up. He drifted toward Kulabdam’s firepower several times when setting up his kicks in their original bout, and that can lead to disastrous consequences. 

#3 Kulabdam Catching And Countering

To deal with Sangmanee’s kicks, Kulabdam must be ready to try and catch as many of them as safely possible – and then make sure he repays the favor with hard counters.

“Left Meteorite’s” reaction time and skill mean he is adept at grabbing hold of his rivals’ legs when they fire in kicks, although not many athletes possess Sangmanee’s speed and power.

Kulabdam must be prepared to eat a few in order to catch and return fire, but when he does seize his compatriot’s leg, he’ll have an excellent opportunity to dig in with hard punches and elbows.

It’s difficult for a fighter with their leg trapped to escape from counters, so Kulabdam needs to use these windows of opportunity to rip in his most concussive shots and try to secure another knockout of “The Million Dollar Baby.”

#4 Sangmanee’s Elbows

Elbows are always a useful weapon against an aggressive puncher, and Sangmanee can employ these when Kulabdam charges forward with his shots. 

“Left Meteorite” can sometimes get wild when his strikes start to land, wading in with looping lefts and rights, and if Sangmanee’s kicks can’t keep him off, then he might be able to make the most of the momentum with some scything short shots.

“The Million Dollar Baby” owns a devastating downward elbow that could slice through the middle to find a home on his rival’s face, where cuts and knockdowns are a possibility. 

Or if it’s too dangerous out in the open under Kulabdam’s blitzes, Sangmanee can try to clinch up, where he has strong control and powerful elbows and knees. 

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