How Discipline Unlocked Kevin Belingon's True Potential

Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon is one of ONE Championship’s most gifted athletes, but he says he never could have become a World Champion through talent alone.

The Filipino hero’s path to the ONE Bantamweight World Title was paved by the way he has embraced the values of martial arts.

A competitor can have all the talent and physical advantages in the world, but without the right approach, they cannot stay at the top of their game. 


For the Team Lakay representative, discipline is as important as anything, and it is something he has had since a young age.

“My parents and Coach Mark [Sangiao] taught me the value of discipline,” he shared.

“Discipline is important for a martial artist because it is his main weapon. If you don’t have it, you won’t reach your full potential.”

Learning martial arts can demand so much from a person, as it entails a lot of sacrifices that may push one away from their comfort zone.

Training no matter how tired you are, maintaining a strict diet no matter how tempted you are to indulge, and getting up early when all you want to do is rest are just some of the sacrifices the planet’s best athletes must make to stay in peak condition for match-ups with other elite warriors.


Some martial artists only learn the value of discipline when they begin their training, and many lose their way if they fail to keep it in the forefront of their mind.

Belingon is thankful his upbringing helped instill this value in him early in life, as well as having Coach Mark by his side to keep valuable lessons in the team’s hearts and minds.

That is important for their careers in The Home Of Martial Arts, as well as for everyday life.

“All of us pretty much had it when we entered the gym, but coach constantly reminds us about it,” he explains.

“In everything that we do, we need to have it.

“Be it at work, or inside, or outside the gym, we can’t reach out goals if we don’t have discipline.”


By staying focused, Belingon reached a new high in his career when he became the first man to defeat Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes in the world’s largest martial arts organization.

That victory in November earned him the title of undisputed ONE Bantamweight World Champion, but the realization of a lifelong goal did not blunt his resolve.

Now he has reached the peak of his profession, and he feels more responsibility to set an example through his continued dedication. He also knows he needs to maintain his commitment to stay at the top of the mountain.

“I need to train even harder so that I will always be ready whenever I defend my World Title,” he adds.

On 31 March, Belingon will show the world the results of his training in the much-anticipated rubber match with Fernandes at ONE: A NEW ERA.

The Brazilian powerhouse is determined to reclaim what he believes is his, as he looks for a conclusive ending to their trilogy inside the historic Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan.


Belingon understands the incredible challenge ahead of him and has remained disciplined throughout his whole preparation.

“My goal keeps me motivated,” he said. “I want to be successful in life and for my family.”