5 Reasons Victoria Souza Could Shock Victoria Lee

Victoria Souza is ready for her debut at ONE: REVOLUTION

After two impressive submission wins on the global stage, Victoria “The Prodigy” Lee will face the toughest test of her young career in Victoria “Vick” Souza at ONE: REVOLUTION.

The rising stars will square off in an atomweight mixed martial arts clash on Friday, 24 September, with both seeking an emphatic victory that would help continue their rapid ascent in the sport.

While Lee is confident in her ability to keep pushing forward, the Brazilian will bring plenty of dangerous facets to the table that could trouble the 17-year-old phenom.

Here are five reasons why the debuting Souza could shock “The Prodigy” in Singapore.

#1 She’s Undefeated

Like Lee, Souza will enter the Circle with an unblemished professional record.

The Brazilian has earned a perfect 5-0 slate since she entered the pro ranks in March 2020. And with all of those wins coming in just 18 months, she’s arriving at The Home of Martial Arts equipped with a healthy amount of positive momentum.

“Vick” only knows victory. That means confidence — and confidence can bring out the best in a competitor.

#2 She’s A Finisher

Souza hasn’t just defeated her opponents – she’s demolished them.

Four of her five wins have come via first-round stoppage, with two TKOs and two submissions on her resume.

The Double Attack representative has also gone the distance once, and that experience will be useful, but her killer instinct will be a bigger asset when she faces Lee.

#3 She Has Ground Skills

Coming from a family of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts, “The Prodigy” has shown her expertise on the ground with back-to-back submission wins inside the Circle.

But while Lee’s previous opponents could not handle her grappling, Souza was born in the home of BJJ and owns a solid competition record in “the gentle art.”

Moreover, “Vick” has amassed an impressive number of medals in the sport, proving that she can hang with her rivals on the mat.

#4 She Won’t Give Up The Wrestling Battle

Another element of Lee’s success has been her ability to overwhelm opponents with pressure and wrestling and take the matchups where she wants them to go.

However, she can’t take that advantage for granted against “Vick.” The Florianopolis native also likes to press forward and wrestle with a fast double-leg takedown and strong clinch work against the fence.

The battle for a dominant position will be crucial in determining which athlete gets the upper hand on 24 September.

#5 She’s An Experienced Striker

Souza may also believe she has the advantage in the stand-up department. If so, she could try to keep the fight on the feet and avoid the ground game altogether.

The 24-year-old has competed in kickboxing and even earned national-level titles in the striking art.

Moreover, she won her professional kickboxing debut by knockout, which shows she has stopping power.

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