How The ONE Championship Superstars Overcome Negativity

Everyone deals with negativity at some point in their lives — even the heroes of ONE Championship.

There are several different ways to push through this adversity, and each of the superstars has his or her own special method. For some, it is going to the gym and hitting the heavy bag. For others, it is spending time with their loved ones.

Ultimately, the athletes are able to rise above the noise and quickly regain a positive mindset. In this exclusive, seven of ONE’s finest talents explain how they deal with negativity.

Geje Eustaquio

“I always treat negativities as challenges. I convert those negativities into a tool that will make me a better person. Besides, I am a martial artist, so I just simply go into the gym and outbox those negativities. Martial artists are blessed.

“For me, negativity is simply a state of mind. Once again, a martial artist always has that inner peace. If you let that outside force get inside you, then it will disturb your inner peace.

“I’m not perfect. I’m just a human being. But I am thankful that I have God with me on my side, always, and martial arts made me understand to focus on things that will make me a better person.”

Stamp Fairtex

“When I first decided to become an athlete, people around my village said to my parents, ‘Why do you let your girl suffer? Let her study like a normal kid.’

“They said that even when I got my first World Title shot against Kai Ting Chuang. They thought I would lose because Kai Ting Chuang used to win against Thai female Muay Thai athletes. I kept that in my mind to fire me up, to prove that they were wrong.

“Finally, I did it. Now, they all accept what I am — they even give me compliments about being a two-sport World Champion. The most important thing is I make my parents proud and very happy.”

Lerdsila Phuket Top Team

“I don’t have to do anything. In this world, there are people who love us and hate us. I just ignore [the people who spread hate].

“Instead, I think about the people who love me, who are cheerful to me, and who support me. They all make my life happy, so I don’t have to think about the negative people.”

Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol

“I grow closer to God. Aside from that, I have to be extremely selective in having friends who support me and not pull me down. My friends remind me of all the good times that we have. When I am stressed, I usually go to my family and take them out for a fun time.

“Thank God I have never experienced depression before. I have only experienced boredom and laziness. For example, when I am tired of practicing, I will take one session to rest and return to my routine afterwards, or force myself to continue practicing even though I am lacking in spirit.”

Stefer Rahardian

“I came from nothing and had nothing at first, so when thinking about my past struggles, it would be a waste if my life now is destroyed or disrupted due to the so-called life drama — even from some other people’s mistakes.

“An example of life drama is when we are faced with haters who continuously criticize us with negativity. If we are drawn by it, then it could destroy us and we could lose hope. I do not want to be taken apart by other people’s negativity and get destroyed due to my mistakes in taking actions.

“I think if I make even a single mistake in handling negativity and depression, it will lead me to further downfall. It is better for us, in my opinion, to think positively about the issue and do better the next time. This is probably why my parents had always told me to pray hard and believe in God. Everything should start from prayers and efforts to make it work smoother.”

Jihin Radzuan

“Whenever I feel stress or uneasiness, I love to train at the gym because it helps me forget about these situations.

“You cannot run away from it, but focusing on training, instructions, or combinations from your coach can help you to forget it.

“If I’m having a long day too, I’ll usually play with my cats to forget about something bad that happened.”

Rodtang Jitmuangnon

“Before I became what I am today, many people said I would not go that far in Muay Thai. I did nothing — I just listened and continued to work hard.  

“Sometimes, we have to pretend to be stupid and ignore other opinions. If we accept everything they say and put it in our minds, it will bring us down.

“I just have to know what is right and what is wrong. I use that negativity as pressure. I have my goal and I am chasing my dream. Today, I can make my family happy and I can prove that the negative people were wrong.