3 Wishes ONE Superstars Would Ask Of Aladdin's Genie

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All the athletes in ONE Championship have a shared dream of capturing World Title gold in The Home Of Martial Arts, but there are many other things they hope to achieve during their lifetimes, too.

In fact, if our heroes were to find a magical lamp like Aladdin, then they would eagerly rub the lamp, summon Genie, and request their three wishes.

To celebrate the theatrical release of Aladdin, seven of our heroes revealed the three wishes they would ask of Genie if they were to come face-to-face with the magical character.

Stamp Fairtex

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“I would like to wish all the happiness for my family — for them to have good lives and no financial problems, so they never have to be poor again and not have a difficult life. I think all people want to have these. They are basic needs.

“I would like to wish for myself. I would like to have everything I want — first is staying World Champion. It seems like I am greedy, but why not if I can ask anything from Genie?

“Also, I would like to wish for myself to meet someone special — one man who loves me and can be a good lover. I wish he could take care of me regardless if I can work or not.”

Eduard Folayang

Eduard Folayang DSC_2551.jpg

“If I had three wishes, [my first] wish is that we instill more patriotism in every Filipino so that they can love their country more. 

Patriotism is important because we are always looking to change things here in the country, but we never do our part. I think that’s the important thing that we need to do. If you love this country, as much as possible, you think of the things that will be for the betterment of many.

“My second wish is for salvation — not just for my family, but for everyone. We’re not just here to eat, pay the bills, and die. We’re here for a greater purpose. We’re here for direction in life.

“My third wish is wisdom and understanding — to be as wise as King Solomon and to understand things better.”

Rodtang Jitmuangnon

Rodtang DCIMGL2124.jpg

“I would like to wish all the happiness for my family, and wish my parents to have long lives and stay with me as long as possible. I love them, and I would like them to have happy and comfortable lives.

“I also wish to have everything we need for life such as a house, and I would like to be a ONE World Champion.

“Lastly, I wish to have a wife — a woman who I love and she loves me the way I am.”

Jihin Radzuan

Jihin Radzuan ASH 3839.jpg

“The first is to eat without gaining weight. Besides eating to refuel yourself, eating allows you to understand someone else’s culture, too. And, of course, it makes me happy, too — but no spicy food, please.

“The second is being able to communicate in all the different languages. It’s like a superpower. When you’re able to speak in any language, you can survive anywhere in the world. It makes foreign people around you feel comfortable knowing that they have someone who understands their language.

“And the third is money. It’s not only about shopping (laughs). On a serious note, I would love to set up a home for the homeless and an animal shelter for the strays around the world.” 

Radeem Rahman

Radeem Rahman _D4S6600.jpg

“My first wish is world peace, where everybody is living together without war so that we all can live happily ever after.

“My second wish is to be a successful entrepreneur so that when I have money, I could give back to society by helping the less fortunate, and providing my wealth to the orphanage for their education and well-being.

“My last wish is for me to have a longer life span until 150 years old so that I can see my kid grow up and live her life.”

Rika Ishige


“I would like to rid greed out of humanity. Greedy people make wars because they always want more and more. They want something from other countries and power, so they will wage war. They also destroy nature because of greed just to make their lives more comfortable.

“I would like to contact beings outside of our world, like aliens. I would like to know how they eat, live, survive, and learn about their technology. Also, I would like to learn how they are different than us.

“I am always curious about how Genie lives in the lamp. I would like to ask if he wants to stay outside in the big world. If yes, [then for my last wish] I will release him to be free.”

Gianni Subba

Gianni Subba DSC_8032.jpg

“Choosing the first wish is always the hardest, but I’ll pick the ability to teleport anywhere. With this, I can go to multiple countries at any time. It would be the fastest way to travel.

“My second wish is understanding every language in the world. I think being able to converse and communicate with everyone, no matter where they come from, is the ultimate skill.

“I also wish I had the power of flight. The chance to fly anywhere in the skies would be cool.” 

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