ONE Super Series' Knockout Of The Year 2018

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If there is one thing that is guaranteed when the world’s greatest striking martial artists meet in ONE Super Series, it is that you will see some stunning knockouts.

When the masters of Muay Thai and kickboxing get to use their weapons in the fast-paced, highly competitive stand-up-only arm of ONE Championship, there are bound to be some fists, shins, knees, and elbows that find their mark and make for amazing finishes.

In 2018, we have seen every weapon used to secure some superb stoppages, but these ones stood above the rest.

WINNER: Petchdam Petchyindee Academy VS Josh Tonna

Who should the streaking Petchdam face next year?

Who should the streaking Petchdam face next year? Download the ONE Super App now 👉

Posted by ONE Championship on Monday, December 10, 2018

Petchdam Petchyindee Academy has been nothing short of sublime in his two ONE outings in 2018. Two bouts and two knockout victories quickly made him a fan favorite.

It was the Thai star’s promotional debut that won him the award for ONE Supr Series Knockout Of The Year. His second-round finish of Australia’s Josh “Timebomb” Tonna at ONE: PURSUIT OF POWER was a perfect combination of power, technique, and timing that epitomizes high-level Muay Thai.

The Bangkok athlete set the foundations for the finish by relentlessly throwing his thunderous left kick at Tonna’s body and head in round one. Even when “Timebomb” successfully defended the shot, the damage accumulated.

The Australian had no choice but to try to counter it in round two, as he needed to press forward with his punches if he wanted to win. As he looked to advance, he tried to catch Petchdam’s roundhouse kick, but he was not quick enough.

The shin thudded hard into Tonna’s body, and the knee slammed straight into his chin to separate him from his senses and flatten him onto the canvasPetchdam showed that the velocity of his most feared weapon is enough to end a bout at any point, and he put the other flyweights on notice.

Runner-Up: Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex VS Luis Regis

🚨 FULL BOUT 🚨 Muay Thai icon Yodsanklai put Luis Regis to sleep with a THUNDEROUS triple uppercut combination!

🚨 FULL BOUT 🚨 Muay Thai icon Yodsanklai put Luis Regis to sleep with a THUNDEROUS triple uppercut combination!Download the ONE Super App now 👉

Posted by ONE Championship on Friday, December 7, 2018

The main event of ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPIONS was the final match-up in a massive 2018 for the world’s largest martial arts organization, and “The Hero” Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex made sure he ended the year on a high.

He faced Brazilian Muay Thai stylist Luis “Soot Raaeng Geert” Regis on the card in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and maintained his seven-year unbeaten streak with an emphatic knockout.

Yodsanklai began by battering Regis’ body with his powerful left kick – arguably the most dangerous strike in all of martial arts – but when the Sydney native fired back, keen to make an impression on his biggest ever platform, “The Hero” changed tack.

He dialed up the intensity and pushed his foe back to the fence. With no place no retreat, Regis was face-to-face with Yodsanklai’s power.

The Thai turned to his fists and launched a monstrous five-punch combination. First, he rattled “Soot Raaeng Geert” with a jab-cross, and then threw three consecutive right uppercuts. Every one landed, but it was the final shot that dropped the SRG Thai Boxing Gym man to the canvas, and gave Yodsanklai a highlight-reel finish.

Runner-Up: Brown Pinas VS Yohann Fairtex Drai

Blink and you'll miss Brown Pinas' spinning elbow 👀

Blink and you'll miss Brown Pinas' spinning elbow 👀Manila | 25 January | 7:00PM | LIVE and FREE on the ONE Super App: | TV: Check local listings for global broadcast | Tickets:

Posted by ONE Championship on Wednesday, December 26, 2018

As Brown Pinas and Yohann Fairtex Drai went in search of their first ONE Super Series victory at ONE: WARRIOR’S DREAMDrai took the initiative early, but it was Pinas who delivered the awe-inspiring strike to end the contest.

The Fairtex Gym representative landed sharp boxing combinations to dictate the first round, and looked to do more of the same in the second, but his confidence led to an opportunity for Pinas.

Drai pushed forward, but Pinas absorbed the shots and waited for an opening. The Dutchman timed Drai’s jab to perfection as he spun to his right to avoid the strike and landed a back elbow into his oncoming opponent’s forehead.

The Pattaya native dropped to the canvas and could not make the count, which gave Pinas the reward for his patience and flawless execution.

Runner-Up: Yukinori Ogasawara VS Rui Botelho

ONE Flashback: Yukinori Ogasawara's ONE debut had fans going nuts!

ONE Flashback: Yukinori Ogasawara's ONE debut had fans going nuts! Shanghai | 8 September | LIVE and FREE on the ONE Super App: | TV: Check local listings for global broadcast

Posted by ONE Championship on Monday, August 27, 2018

The ONE Super Series Muay Thai clash between Yukinori Ogasawara and Rui Botelho was another example of why durability and patience are essential assets in any martial artist’s arsenal.

The WKA European Champion was in the ascendency, using his strong boxing combinations to put Ogasawara under pressure. Botelho continued to press forward, but his output became increasingly wild as he looked for a finish.

The man from Tokyo was able to remain in the bout despite Botelho’s offense, and when the Portuguese athlete got into the pocket and unleashed a flurry of hard hooks, he unknowingly stepped into trouble.

When he over-committed, Ogasawara unleashed a massive spinning back elbow that stopped him in his tracksThe Japanese striker whipped to his right, using his full body to generate power with the elbow, and it was compounded by his opponent’s forward momentum.

When the strike landed, there could be no other outcome than an instant finish.

Runner-Up: Petchmorrakot Petchyindee Academy VS Liam Harrison

Petchmorrakot's elbow was ON POINT.

Petchmorrakot's elbow was ON POINT. Download the ONE Super App now 👉

Posted by ONE Championship on Saturday, December 8, 2018

Petchmorrakot Petchyindee Academy was on the hunt for win number two in ONE Super Series at ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPIONS, and he had to pull off a sensational stoppage to get it against a tough opponent.

Things did not begin well for the two-division Lumpinee Stadium Muay Thai World Champion when he took on Liam “Hitman” Harrison. The Brit had done his homework and was catching kicks and countering effectively en route to winning the first round.

Petchmorrakot came out looking much more focused in the second, and increased his output. Harrison tried to match him and again countered a kick from the Thai, but this time there was a resounding reply.

The rangy Thai framed with his lead arm and stepped forward to close the distance. He used his right hand to pull Harrison’s defending hand down to his waist, and made room for a massive left elbow that landed right on the temple.

Harrison tried to regain his footing, but he was unable to meet the count, and Petchmorrakot got the second victory he had trained so hard for.

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