5 Videos That Show Why Rodtang Is The Most Exciting Fighter On The Planet

Mar 15, 2022
Rodtang Jitmuangnon fights Tagir Khalilov at ONE: FISTS OF FURY

There are very few fighters in the world who can match Rodtang Jitmuangnon‘s combination of intensity and entertainment.

The ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion will get to showcase those attributes under a new format when he faces MMA legend Demetrious Johnson in a special rules super-fight at ONE X on Saturday, 26 March.

But what makes “The Iron Man” so fun to watch, and what can fans expect in his co-main event showdown at the Singapore Indoor Stadium?

Get a taste of the action to come with five videos that show why Rodtang is the most exciting Muay Thai fighter in the world.

#1 Pure Aggression

Rodtang is absolutely relentless when it comes to moving forward and unloading strikes on his opponents. 

The 24-year-old Thai only steps in one direction, and that pressure is hard to handle for anybody who meets him in the Circle.

If those opponents have the fortitude to stand and trade with “The Iron Man,” the result is a guaranteed firefight. And if those rivals try to stay away, he’ll chase them down until he can land leather on them anyway.

While Rodtang’s come-forward style is clear in every bout, it was particularly evident in his 2021 ONE Super Series Fight Of The Year against “Mini T” Danial Williams at “ONE on TNT I.”

#2 His Granite Chin Means He Thrives In A War

One attribute that gives Rodtang the confidence to march his opponents down is his granite chin.

“The Iron Man” can absorb shots that look like they would turn rock to dust – yet he never looks fazed. In fact, he actually seems to enjoy it.

Eating heavy punches appears to charge up the Bangkok resident’s energy bar, and he thrives on firing back whenever he’s tagged. 

His shimmy and smile following Tagir Khalilov’s clean flurry in February 2021 was one of the most memorable moments in ONE history

#3 Ferocious Punching

Rodtang’s muay maht style means that his powerful boxing repertoire is one of his main tools. 

However, it’s not stick-and-move for the Thai megastar – it’s launch at your foe with full force behind every punch.

Rodtang’s left hook is one of his most dangerous strikes. He uses it well to the head and has dropped several opponents by smashing it into their jaws.

Moreover, he’s also a massive body puncher, with the left hook and straight right being two of his favorite shots. Jonathan Haggerty found this out the hard way in their second battle for the ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Title at ONE: A NEW TOMORROW in January 2020.

#4 Punishing Low Kicks

The other main element of a muay maht stylist’s arsenal is the low kick.

When opponents are forced to cover up after intense salvos of punches, it often leaves their legs wide open, and Rodtang capitalizes with punishing low strikes. 

Sok Thy felt these blows firsthand at ONE: WARRIORS OF LIGHT in 2019, as “The Iron Man” repeatedly drilled him with punches before smashing his shins into the Cambodian’s thigh, sending him to the mat

#5 He Has A Full Arsenal

While the focus is rightly on “The Iron Man’s” aggression and most prominent weapons, it’s also worth noting that the Jitmuangnon Gym representative employs a full arsenal in “the art of eight limbs.”

His push kicks from the outside are jarring and accurate, and in close, he’s a strong clincher with excellent sweeps – both of which he displayed in his promotional debut against Sergio Wielzen back in September 2018.

Rodtang can also step in or break off with elbows, which means the chance to find a respite from his hellish attacks are minimal. As a result, most opponents are drawn into his bread-and-butter slugfests at some point – not a fun prospect for anyone.

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