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Andre “The Giant” Meunier

Weight Limit
231.49 LBS / 105 KG
6'3" FT / 191 CM
48 Y
Team Ultimate Australia

About Andre Meunier

Status: Former ONE Athlete


Four-time Kickboxing World Champion Andre “The Giant” Meunier grew up in a rough neighborhood in Melbourne, Australia, and originally trained in martial arts to learn self-discipline. After getting into several confrontations on the streets, he hoped that boxing in the gym would keep him out of further trouble, and it is a move that has paid off more than he imagined.

After adding kickboxing to his arsenal, he began competing professionally in several disciplines and has since compiled an impressive winning record across all of them. A proven knockout artist, Meunier trains out of the Ultimate Kickboxing gym under James Roesler and also regularly travels to Thailand to sharpen his skills with former WMTA Light Heavyweight Champion Nick Kara.

Having competed all over Australia and Asia, the man they call “The Giant” has faced some of kickboxing’s biggest names and has never backed down from a challenge. That warrior spirit will serve him well in ONE Super Series, where he now goes up against the best strikers in the world on the global stage.

ONE Championship Records

Event Results

Result Method Round Method and round Opponent Opponent and event Country Date Event
Knockout KO
R1 (1:14)
R1 (1:14)
R1 (1:14) Anderson_Silvaavatar 500x345
Anderson Silva
Roots Of Honor
Apr 12, 2019
Brazil Apr 12, 2019
Roots Of Honor
Apr 12, 2019
No Contest NC
Alain_Ngalani avatar 500x345
Alain Ngalani
Hong Kong SAR China
Hong Kong SAR China Oct 6, 2018
Kingdom of Heroes
Oct 6, 2018
Knockout KO
R1 (1:31)
R1 (1:31)
R1 (1:31) Ibrahim_El_Bouni avatar 500x3451
Ibrahim El Bouni
Morocco Jul 7, 2018
Battle For The Heavens
Jul 7, 2018

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