Beybulat Isaev Predicts Light Heavyweight Thriller Against Anderson Silva

ONE Super Series’ latest big hitter is ready to put on a show at ONE: IMMORTAL TRIUMPH.

Beybulat Isaev will step into the ring in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam next Friday, 6 September, and he expects to bring fireworks to the Phu Tho Indoor Stadium.

The Russian knockout artist will face a Brazilian who is also well-known for his bout finishing strikes – Anderson “Braddock” Silva – in a light heavyweight kickboxing clash that will be contested in 4-ounce mixed martial arts gloves.

Everything about this match-up screams “explosive,” and the WMC Muay Thai World Champion is determined to deliver on that promise.

Ahead of his battle with the Brazilian veteran, the 25-year-old from Surgut gives fans a preview of what could be in store when these two giants collide.

ONE Championship: What does it mean for you to join the ONE roster?

Beybulat Isaev: I am really excited to be here. It is a massive step in my career.

I have been following ONE for a long time, and I am thrilled to be a part of it now. I have always appreciated the variety of fights they have on each card, the quality of its shows and a great level of production.

I think everything in ONE is done at a very high level.  

ONE: What do you think about your opponent for your first match in ONE?

BI: He is a fighter with a big name in kickboxing, and I love fighting big names.

He has been through a lot, performed at big shows, and fought against strong opponents. I am excited to face him for my debut.

I am trying to approach the fight in my best shape ever. It is a great chance for me to make myself known to the ONE audience.

Of course, each fighter is great in his own way, but I consider him one of my best opponents yet. 

ONE: What are your opponent’s strengths, and how are you going to combat them?

BI: I have been watching his fights and noticed that he is a counter puncher who likes to wait until you make a mistake.

To counter that, I will have to concentrate all the time – there is little room for error. Another advantage is his experience, and there will probably be a good weight difference – that will work to his advantage.

ONE: Have you prepared a game plan to overcome the problems he poses?

BI: I have been watching videos of his fights, but I can’t reveal my plan.

I can say that Silva is my biggest motivation now because I need to prove myself in my debut fight.

ONE: Where have you prepared for this bout, and who has helped you?

BI: During this summer, I have trained in Dagestan. Now, I am not training in any specific gym here in Dagestan – I move from one place to another, wherever I can find guys that match my weight and height. Dagestan has a lot of talent.

I’ve also been running a lot and doing some weights, to make sure that I have great conditioning training, too.

ONE: If you look at your own qualities, what are your best attributes?

BI: I am quick for a heavyweight, so my speed will be my main advantage. 

ONE: Why are you two an exciting match?

BI: People are interested in watching heavyweights – we give people great shows!

I am always up for a good fight. My goal is to give a great and exciting show. I don’t like to just attend, step inside the ring, stand there, and exchange several punches carefully to score points.

ONE: You have had many knockouts in your career so far, so do you expect another in Vietnam?

BI: Of course, people like to see KOs and thrilling, aggressive fights. That is exactly how I like to fight, so hopefully, I won’t disappoint the viewers. We are going to fight, not to practice fencing.