‘I Will Bring Every Muay Thai Weapon To The Ring’ – Kickboxing Legend Sitthichai Excited For Lumpinee Homecoming

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Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is an alluring place for strikers all over the world – even decorated kickboxing icon Sitthichai “Killer Kid” Sitsongpeenong.

“Killer Kid” made a name for himself at the iconic venue in 2014 when he won his first Muay Thai World Title there. Now he returns to the Bangkok, Thailand, venue for a featherweight Muay Thai clash against Eddie Abasolo on June 23 at ONE Friday Fights 22.

Although Sitthichai’s been dominating the global kickboxing scene, he can’t wait to face the dangerous American in what will be his second Muay Thai bout in nearly a decade.

In fact, from his early days in “the art of eight limbs” to his present-day status as a kickboxing great, Sitthichai has never lost his desire to compete in front of the Lumpinee crowd.

He said:

“It was my dream since I was young to become World Champion at Lumpinee. I was over the moon when I won my first World Championship belt there. I believe that’s what every Thai fighter wishes for.

“I haven’t fought at Lumpinee for nine years now, and I didn’t expect to get a chance to come back to this place. But now we have ONE Lumpinee, I’m glad that I can fight in this stadium again.

“I’m really excited. I can’t wait to step into the ring because I want to show my skills to my fans that have waited a long time. This is also my homecoming fight, so I will give it my all.”

Sitthichai is even more motivated after watching the explosive ONE Friday Fights cards that have been a regular feature at Lumpinee Stadium since January of this year.

“Killer Kid” has tuned in to ONE’s weekly offering religiously, and the non-stop action has pumped him up to perform for the fans.

However, he doesn’t see it as just a benefit for the spectators – he knows that ONE is changing the lives of fighters with its new format.

Sitthichai said:

“I watch ONE Lumpinee every week. I feel so hyped to see my fellow fighters perform well there, and I really want to come back to Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. Moreover, I usually fight overseas, so I want to experience the electrifying vibe before a crowd of Thai fans.

“In my point of view, [ONE Friday Fights] is good for this sport because fighters can earn more compared to other events in Thailand.

“I can see that many fighters who fight at ONE Lumpinee have a better life. Many poor fighters can put food on the table for their families. I wish this event will go on and on.”

Sitthichai Sees Seamless Return To Muay Thai Against Abasolo

In addition to returning to Lumpinee Stadium, Sitthichai is returning to Muay Thai against Eddie Abasolo this Friday.

Although Sitthichai won a late-notice Muay Thai battle against now-ONE Featherweight Muay Thai World Champion Tawanchai PK Saenchai in 2021, it was a rare moment because he’s been honing his style for kickboxing over the last decade.

However, he doesn’t think the transition back to “the art of eight limbs” will be too difficult, and he’s looking forward to using his full arsenal.

“Killer Kid” said:

“During the past [nine] years, I have been focusing only on kickboxing. I feel so good to be back to my roots. I don’t have to adjust much because I trained in Muay Thai since I was a kid.

“Not much [adjustment needs to be made] because I regularly practice Muay Thai at the gym. For me, kickboxing is similar to Muay Thai. Just some weapons in Muay Thai are not allowed in kickboxing.

“I will bring every Muay Thai weapon to the ring to entertain all fans.”

As for Abasolo, Sitthichai knows that the American poses some unique threats, but it’s nothing he’s not ready for.

The Sitsongpeenong representative thinks he’ll find a solution to the problems that “Silky Smooth” poses en route to a dominant victory in front of his home crowd.

He said:

“Eddie is a good fighter. He has dangerous reverse elbows. I need to watch for his elbows. I’ll find a way to neutralize them. For his weak point, I think he is still not tough enough. I think I’m tougher than him.

“Of course, I’d like to finish him. But I can’t be careless because my opponent is quite good. But if I have a chance, I’ll finish him, for sure.”

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