5 Reasons Training In Martial Arts Is The Best Decision You Could Make

Oct 3, 2017

Getting involved in the martial arts is truly a life-altering experience.

Martial arts, Asia’s richest cultural treasure, has become a global phenomenon, and has positively impacted hundreds of millions of people around the world. By training in one of its many styles, martial arts will invigorate you with values, wisdom, discipline, and a new world view.

People of all ages can greatly benefit from martial arts, including children and senior citizens. Simply put, it is never too late to start your own martial arts journey. Here are just some of its many benefits.

You Learn Self-Defense

There is no other activity that will equip people with the necessary self-defense skills than martial arts. By picking up a discipline, whether it is boxing, Muay Thai, or Brazilian jiu-jitsu, individuals will be armed with the knowledge to neutralize threats to their personal safety.

Many of the heroes who compete in ONE Championship initially got involved in martial arts as a way to defend themselves from bullies, such as Alain “The Panther” Ngalani, “Rock Man” Chen Lei and “Jungle Cat” Muhammad Aiman

It just so happened that they fell in love with their training, and their desire to learn other disciplines paved the way to a full-fledged and successful career in ONE Championship.

You Lose Unwanted Weight

Most fitness activities will get the sweat going, but the entire body will be constantly engaged through martial arts training. That is why martial arts is considered one of the best physical activities anyone could ever do. Just a mere hour’s worth of martial arts training, depending on the discipline and the intensity of the activity, could burn anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories.

You couldn’t tell by looking at their toned physiques now, but several athletes, including ONE Featherweight World Champion Martin Nguyen, strawweight title contender Joshua Pacio, and former welterweight world title challenger Agilan Thani, were once overweight.

After discovering martial arts, they used training to assist in their miraculous weight loss. For instance, Thani melted away an incredible 60 kilograms.

It’s A Great Way To Relieve Stress

Martial arts provides a tremendous outlet for stress relief. People from all walks of life can benefit from venting all of their frustration, pent-up anger, and negative energy on pads or the heavy bag. In doing so, they’ll be able to find an inner peace, which actually leads to less aggression and anger in their daily lives.

You Make Lifelong Friendships

It is easier to make friends when you have common interests. By taking classes in your favorite martial arts discipline, you already have an immediate connection with your future classmates and teammates, who will undoubtedly push you to your limits in an effort to unlock your inner greatness.

Just look at the collective success of the Philippines’ Team Lakay, which counts ONE Lightweight World Champion Eduard Folayang and several former world titleholders and challengers in its ranks.

You Gain Confidence And Humility

Not only does martial arts have the ability to mold lives, but it can also change your character for the better. A new sense of confidence and self-assuredness accompanies the satisfaction of seeing results from training, while humility and respect will undoubtedly follow after understanding the martial way.

Just look at the many examples of true martial arts spirit that have taken place in the ONE cage. Displayed by martial artists of the highest order, our heroes embody everything that ONE Championship is trying to achieve by celebrating the power of martial arts.