3 Ways You Can Support Your Gym During Lockdown

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While the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, most martial arts gyms remain closed.

Although there is no telling when they will start opening again, you can play your part to make sure your martial arts haven survives the lockdown.

Here are three ways you can continue to support your gym during COVID-19 restrictions according to ONE Championship athletes Josh “Timebomb” Tonna and Elliot “The Dragon” Compton.

Continue Paying For Your Membership

Elliot Compton hits pads with his dad

This might be one of the more challenging ways to support your gym during the lockdown, especially if you lost your job or had your income reduced.

But according to both Tonna and Compton, it is the most practical way to make sure you have a gym to return to once restrictions are lifted.

“As a member of your club, if you are in a good financial position, I would urge you to pay what you can or continue your membership,” says Tonna, the #1-ranked strawweight Muay Thai contender.

“I anticipate that restrictions will be lifted in stages. In the meantime, continue to support your club, your coach, and your sport, whether it’s financially or just by participating in the classes.”

Also, if you have the finances to do so, Compton says you can extend your support by picking up some much-needed equipment to help build your home martial arts gym.

“If you can still support your gym or club financially in any way, that is great,” says the man who was raised by a lifelong martial artist. “That could be by purchasing merchandise and equipment that can be sent via mail.”

Stay Connected With Coaches And Teammates

Gyms are more than just places to get in shape – they are like second homes, and the people in them are like second families.

But just because your gym is currently closed, does that mean you cannot connect with everyone? No.

“Apps like Zoom have helped to keep everyone connected and the team environment alive,” Tonna explains.

Training aside, apps are also a great way to bond with coaches and teammates to keep gym morale up.

“Stay connected with your coaches, training partners, and gym community,” Compton says. “Catch up via Skype or Zoom and talk about training.”

Share What Makes Your Gym Special

BJJ practitioners at a Singapore gym wear mouthguards

Has your gym and the people in it helped you lose weight, step in the ring, or overcome another one of life’s obstacles? If so, then let people know!

Telling others about the martial arts gym you go to might not seem like it will help right away, but its long-term effects can be beneficial.

“Let your community know how much you love the gym and what makes it so great, so that when these restrictions are lifted, people are inspired to both return and start-up at your gym,” says Compton, the #5-ranked lightweight kickboxing contender.

“It all goes a long way. The gym owners and coaching staff will be so grateful for your help and word of mouth. Community is everything.”

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