5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Martial Arts Gyms About COVID-19

Rika Ishige and a child holds focus mitts

Now that vaccines are rolling out in most parts of the world, martial arts gyms are reopening and returning to normal training routines and schedules.

However, that doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t be concerned about the spread of COVID-19, as many people still haven’t been vaccinated.

With that in mind, here are five questions you should ask before enrolling your child in a martial arts gym.

#1 How Often Do You Clean The Equipment?

The renovated Bali MMA gym in Indonesia, finished in 2020

Keeping martial arts equipment and mats clean was part of gym life long before the days of COVID-19. But now, it’s more important than ever that gym owners disinfect their property more thoroughly and frequently.

If your child’s gym doesn’t have a schedule posted on how often the gym gets cleaned, your best bet is to ask about it.

Moreover, if the training center doesn’t have a schedule in place, it might be a good idea to suggest it gets one in order.

#2 Has Your Staff Been Vaccinated?

A martial arts instructor teaches a studen in class

With COVID-19 vaccines now available in many places, plenty of establishments are requiring their staff and patrons to get vaccinated before they can enter the premises.

If your child’s gym has one of these rules in place, make sure all of its staff and members have been vaccinated.

But in many cases, rules like these are not in place. If this applies to your child’s gym, make sure you ask the next important question.

#3 What Happens If Staff Or A Student Contracts COVID-19?

Man throws his own fist at his hand

If vaccines aren’t mandatory at your child’s gym and a staff member or another student gets COVID-19 – or even comes in contact with someone who has it – how will the gym handle that situation?

Depending on the training center, the student or staff member could be asked to stay home for 14 days. But in other cases, they may not.

It’s best to clear this up before enrolling your child into that martial arts class.

#4 What Happens When Someone Doesn’t Comply?

Stop! Little girl holds right hand out!

Your child’s martial arts gym may have rules in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but what if other students aren’t following those rules? Or what if the gym’s own staff aren’t abiding by them?

Make sure the owner has a policy in place that ensures everyone in the gym is following the rules and adhering to precautions.

After all, preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a joint effort, and if everyone at the gym is not contributing, it may be worth finding another place to enroll your son or daughter.

#5 What Happens To Payments In The Event Of Future Restrictions?

A group of kids get ready for martial arts class

In 2020, gym-goers and gym owners had to answer some precarious questions. Should people continue paying for gym memberships even if they can’t go? Should gym owners freeze payments, possibly losing income and being forced to close down?

Although everyone has their own opinion on the matter, there’s one thing you should clear up – and that’s how the gym will handle payments if another lockdown ever occurs.

The last thing you want is to pay for your child’s year-long membership, and then two months later, not be able to use it because of another outbreak.

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