With University Degree In Hand, Xie Bin Wants To Advance Chinese Martial Arts

Xie Bin wants to help the Chinese mixed martial arts community.

The 19-year-old bantamweight known as “The Stalker” may be getting first-hand experience in MMA by competing inside the ONE Championship cage, but outside of it he is getting a valuable education. He plans to use his newfound knowledge to empower his fellow countrymen who aspire to participate in the sport.

“I am currently attending the Province of Hunan Sports Vocational School,” he says. “I intend to get a degree in sports science. I chose this major not just because it would help me in my career, but also, I would like to help the advancement of scientific training for MMA in general.”

As with other Asian countries, China’s MMA scene is still developing and becoming more popular on a daily basis. For many of the nation’s athletes who have transitioned into the sport, they are slowly discovering the latest nutritional trends and training methods fighters in other countries have been finding success with.

Xie acknowledges this, and wants to play a pivotal role in educating mixed martial artists on the national level.

“The advancements in training, nutrition and recovery for MMA fighters are very much needed in China today,” he states. “I feel that it is my responsibility as a fighter to help the growth of it.”

In a way, “The Stalker” is a test subject. Xie, who has been attending the aforementioned sports vocational school for the past eight years, earned his wrestling stripes there before relocating to Northern China in late 2015 to train with Tianjin Top Team.

Now, the work he puts in on the mats with Tianjin Top Team and in the ONE cage serve as a specialized fellowship of sorts for the teenage prospect. The gym and the cage are, quite literally, his classroom.

“The Chinese educational system is different than the West,” he begins. “Currently, I do not attend school along classmates. My training at Tianjin Top Team is considered an internship/exchange program. My teacher and former schoolmates are in great support of my pursuit of MMA.”

Xie may be succeeding in both his MMA and educational pursuits, but he was not always the model student. In fact, the bantamweight was an unruly child who disliked school when he was younger and often received poor grades on tests.

His parents wanted to give him some discipline and break him of those bad habits before they became a serious life problem, so they enrolled him in the Province of Hunan Sports Vocational School. That is when he truly began to blossom, and changed his thought process about school.

“I am grateful that my family made the decision to enrol me into the Sports Vocational college when I was 11. I have not only gained my base as a wrestler, but also an education,” he says. “In my opinion, everybody should get a higher education if possible. As a fighter, it is especially important to gain better knowledge on how the human body functions.

“I encourage all fighters to go to school not merely to get a degree, but to become more knowledgeable.”

Ever since linking up with Tianjin Top Team, he gained some extensive knowledge in combat sports and techniques. He made his professional MMA debut with ONE in July 2016, and is 2-2 fighting top competition in Asia. In his most recent bout, Xie defeated Indonesia’s Mario Satya Wirawan with a dominant performance.

Despite being only 19, Xie has his head on straight. He is constantly evolving, both as a martial artist and a human being, and gaining the necessary knowledge that will help him achieve his goals.

“As a fighter, I wish to test my skills by pitting myself against quality Asian fighters, whom I believe are all currently in ONE Championship,” he states. “Furthermore, I want to become an ambassador of Chinese MMA to the rest of the world.”

Xie will continue progressing as an ambassador of Chinese MMA, and has an opportunity accelerate his mission even quicker with a victory over Chan Rothana on Friday Night, 21 April at ONE: KINGS OF DESTINY.