The Top 5 Fastest Submissions In ONE History

Li Kai Wen SGDC2964

It takes a special kind of grappler to end a match via submission in less than a minute, but ONE Championship has plenty of mixed martial artists who are up to the task.

Among the world-class competitors on the global stage, a collection of athletes possess the quick thinking and finishing instincts to snatch a bout-ending technique in the opening moments of a match, as well as the crushing strength to coax a tap from their rivals.

These are the five fastest submissions in ONE history.

#5 Rahardian Vs. Hutagalung – 46 seconds

Stefer “The Lion” Rahardian emerged as one of the most exciting athletes to come out of Indonesia with seven consecutive victories on the global stage, and none was more spectacular than this rear-naked choke.

The Jakarta native expertly transitioned from striking to grappling to grab the hold just when Yotha Hutagalung thought he had escaped.

#4 Li Vs. Rosauro – 43 seconds

“The Underdog” Li Kai Wen set up his quick guillotine with trademark power punches that had Roel Rosauro desperately reaching for a takedown. As the Filipino flailed for a lifeline, he left his neck exposed, and Li was happy to take a tight hold on it.

Since this match at ONE: QUEST FOR GOLD last year, the Chinese featherweight continued to enhance his reputation as a speed demon with the fourth-fastest knockout in ONE history, too.

#3 Meena Vs. Zhang – 42 seconds

India’s Rajinder “Knockout” Singh Meena sneaks into third place by a single second thanks to his own opportunistic guillotine choke at ONE: GLOBAL SUPERHEROES last January.

Like Li’s, this effort against “The Ghost” Zhang Ze Hao came off the back of some hard strikes, and the Indian athlete wasted no time in finishing the contest after he scored a knockdown.

#2 Gafurov Vs. Nguyen – 41 seconds

The fastest submission in a ONE World Title match-up came in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when Marat “Cobra” Gafurov shut down Martin “The Situ-Asian” Nguyen before he got the chance to realize what was happening.

It was the Vietnamese-Australian who shot for a single-leg takedown, but the Russian superbly defended, jumped straight onto his rival’s back and wrapped his arm around his neck. It only took another moment for Nguyen to tap.

#1 Arslanaliev Vs. Jietebusibai – 26 seconds

Saygid Guseyn Arslanaliev IMG_4047.jpg

It only seems right that the relentless Saygid “Dagi” Guseyn Arslanaliev owns the fastest submission in The Home Of Martial Arts. All but one of his matches has ended inside the first round, but none as quickly as this one.

When the man from Turkey stepped up for his third bout on the global stage, he already had a 32-second KO on his record, but he beat that seven months later at ONE: TITLES & TITANS in August 2016.

“Dagi” pushed Haolan Jietebusibai back from the opening bell, and when he tried to find a way off the fence with a takedown, the Chinese competitor presented his neck to his rival. Arslanaliev grabbed a hold, stood up, squeezed, and got the win in record-breaking time.

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