The 7 Fastest Submissions And Knockouts Of 2022 In ONE Championship

Thanh Le punishes Garry Tonon on the canvas during their match for the ONE Featherweight World Championship at ONE: LIGHTS OUT

Every fan loves a quick fight. Whether it’s a lightning-fast submission or a one-punch knockout, an early finish means something spectacular happened – and it happened in a flash.

In 2022, ONE Championship’s superstars did their best to score early stoppages, and a number of athletes even achieved the feat in fewer than 60 seconds.

As the year now comes to a close, it’s time to look back at the fastest finishes from the organization’s four combat sports disciplines.

Don’t blink as we relive the seven quickest wins of 2022 inside the Circle.

Fastest Submission: Rodrigo Marello vs. Ruslan Bagdasarian

Elite BJJ black belt Rodrigo Marello meant business in his promotional debut at ONE 161, as he wasted no time in latching onto a bone-snapping ankle lock against world-class sambo competitor Ruslan Bagdasarian.

The 15-second submission was the fastest finish in ONE submission grappling history and scored the first point for jiu-jitsu in the budding rivalry with the Russian martial art of sambo.

Fastest MMA Knockout: Woo Sung Hoon vs. Yodkaikaew Fairtex

South Korean phenom Woo Sung Hoon must have been double-parked at ONE: BAD BLOOD because he seemed in quite the rush to finish Yodkaikaew Fairtex in their flyweight MMA showdown.

“Dynamic” needed just 18 seconds to demolish the Muay Thai sensation, landing a monstrous right hand and follow-up strikes to quickly end the contest, kicking off his promising ONE Championship run in highlight-reel fashion.

Fastest Women’s Fight: Meng Bo vs. Jenelyn Olsim

After opening her ONE Championship career with back-to-back first-round knockouts, Chinese striking specialist Meng Bo returned to form in 2022 with a blistering finish of Filipina athlete Jenelyn Olsim.

At ONE 164, the final event of the year, Meng showed off her trademark boxing, dropping her foe to the canvas with a picture-perfect right hand.

She then followed up with vicious ground strikes until the referee mercifully called an end to the bout at just 24 seconds.

Fastest Kickboxing Fight: Giannis Stoforidis vs. Beybulat Isaev

The other-worldly power of the aptly named Giannis “Hercules” Stoforidis was on full display at ONE: HEAVY HITTERS in January.

In one of the most unforgettable finishes in ONE Championship history, the Greek striking star and his opponent, Beybulat Isaev, each landed simultaneous left hooks, and both men hit the canvas just 30 seconds into the light heavyweight kickboxing affair.

Narrowly avoiding an ultra-rare double knockout, Stoforidis quickly bounced back to his feet, while Isaev lay limp on the mat as another victim of “Hercules’” thunderous strength.

Fastest Muay Thai Fight: Walter Goncalves vs. Josue Cruz

Brazilian Muay Thai competitor Walter Goncalves couldn’t have imagined a better performance in the opening round of the ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Grand Prix at ONE on Prime Video 1 in August.

After feeling out opponent Josue Cruz for just a few moments, “Iron Hands” pounced with a flurry of punches, which were punctuated by a liver-mincing left hook to the body that folded Cruz in half.

A pair of follow-up knees were only academic at that point, as the referee waved off the bout at 35 seconds, giving Goncalves his first electrifying win inside the Circle.

Fastest World Title Fight: Thanh Le vs. Garry Tonon

At ONE: LIGHTS OUT, then-featherweight king Thanh Le squared off with elite submission specialist Garry Tonon to make the first defense of his World Title.

In one of the most brutal knockouts of the year, Le expertly avoided “The Lion Killer’s” formidable grappling to land a series of concussive ground strikes.

It took Le just 56 seconds to leave Tonon unconscious and defenseless on the mat, having dispatched one of the division’s most dangerous challengers with a memorable and nasty KO.

Fastest Women’s Submission Grappling Match: Bianca Basilio vs. Milena Sakumoto

An ADCC World Champion, Bianca Basilio came into her submission grappling match against fellow black belt Milena Sakumoto at ONE 163 as a sizable favorite – and she quickly showed why.

The legendary Brazilian hurried across the Circle, and in a matter of seconds, she had secured Sakumoto’s back, immediately threatening the choke after dismantling all defenses.

The tap came at 42 seconds to give Basilio another submission in her ever-growing highlight reel and emphatically announce her arrival in ONE Championship.

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