Superbon Singha Mawynn Vs. Chingiz Allazov: 4 Keys To Featherweight Kickboxing World Title Victory

Superbon Singha Mawynn successfully defends the Featherweight Kickboxing World Championship against Marat Grigorian at ONE X

The long-awaited ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Title showdown between defending World Champion Superbon Singha Mawynn and Grand Prix Champion Chingiz Allazov has all the makings of a classic.

Both men have been on incredible streaks in the Circle, and their main event matchup at ONE Fight Night 6 will determine the sport’s top pound-for-pound athlete this Friday, January 13.

Superbon and Allazov each own stacked striking arsenals, but they implement them in very different ways. That means their strategic choices will make a huge difference at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. 

With fight night just days away, here are the keys to victory for the reigning titleholder and the surging #1-ranked contender.

#1 Superbon’s Control Of The Distance

Superbon must keep his composure in the face of an unorthodox opponent and make sure he’s the one dictating the range.

To that end, the Singha Mawynn representative can try to stop his rival’s forward motion with his long jab and assertive teeps (push kicks). 

By disrupting “Chinga’s” movements and keeping the exchanges further apart, Superbon can avoid some of his foe’s switch-hitting trickery and also unleash his powerful kicks more comfortably. 

His rapid left teep will help fend off Allazov’s boxing entries, and Superbon can send his challenger backward with his powerful right push kick, allowing for opportunities to build up his offense on the front foot. 

#2 Allazov’s Unpredictability

Allazov is renowned for his work rate and unpredictability, and these could be his biggest assets against such a technically proficient foe.

Superbon can easily deal with opponents who stand straight in front of him, but “Chinga” constantly moves and switches stances to hit, making it much harder to gauge any patterns and formulate a plan to counter.

Mixing it up with strikes from a variety of angles and from every limb, the #1 contender can hit any target with a punch, kick, or knee.

And Allazov doesn’t just manipulate the shot selection, but also the timing and tempo. If he can take the usually unflappable Thai star out of his rhythm, the odds will start to move in his favor.

The Azerbaijani-Belarusian’s output is much higher than Superbon’s, and he can usually maintain that pace from bell to bell, so when the gaps start to appear, he’ll have a strike ready.

#3 Superbon’s Kicks

Superbon’s kicks are his most potent weapon, and he can use both legs equally well to take aim at any target on his opponent’s body.

His left kick is a great tool to fend off aggressive rivals, pinning them back with hard-to-defend shots to the legs and body, while his thunderous right kick is powerful and accurate.

An accumulation of thudding body kicks will help slow down the aggressive challenger, and as we saw with Superbon’s famous head kick KO of Giorgio Petrosyan, they can also elicit a reaction for a kill shot. 

If Allazov is forced to bring his arms down to protect his body rather than absorb shins to the ribs, there’s every chance he’ll drop just an inch too far at some point – and that’s when Superbon will let rip.

The defending king has scored KOs from high kicks on both sides, and his accuracy means he only needs a small window to reach the intended target. 

#4 Allazov’s Counters

It’s crucial that Allazov has an answer for Superbon’s output and does not let the reigning World Champion build up confidence and momentum from a longer range.

Being on the end of his opponent’s kicks is not a pleasant place to be, so the Minsk resident has to make sure that Superbon pays for as many as possible. 

Allazov flustered Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong in the Grand Prix final by regularly countering his kicks, attacking the standing leg with his own kicks, and replying with punches. 

These tactics could also work against Superbon and make him second-guess his attacks – opening up the perfect opportunity to work inside with heavy punches. 

The more “Chinga” can make his Thai rival engage in a toe-to-toe firefight, the better. A scrappy battle would be much more in Allazov’s comfort zone, while the featherweight kickboxing king is more measured and tactical.

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