‘Respect Your Family And Your Coach’ – Chingiz Allazov Stays Humble Despite Incredible Success

Chingiz Allazov earns the title at ONE X: Part I

No matter how you judge it, Chingiz Allazov is clearly succeeding in life.

After winning the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix Championship earlier this year, the man nicknamed “Chinga” will challenge divisional king Superbon Singha Mawynn for the gold at ONE on Prime Video 2 on Friday, September 30.

The co-main event clash is a massive opportunity for the Gridin Gym representative, who will compete for the biggest prize of his career at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in front of a U.S. primetime audience.

But beyond his professional martial arts career, Allazov is also a committed family man and a successful business owner, running six gyms in Belarus.

Those achievements have made the 29-year-old striker a role model to many people in his home nation, but he makes sure to stay humble toward those who admire him.

“Chinga” explained:

“In this country, Belarus, people see me all the time. People tell me I am a sportsman who is very successful. When people come to me, I am nice to them, I am good to them. I don’t like [being arrogant], saying, ‘I’m popular, I’m Chingiz Allazov.’ That’s no good. 

“I like to talk to people. If people need help from me, I will help them. At the gym, it’s the same thing. If people need something, I will help them. This is normal. This is good.” 

Allazov knows that young people will try to follow in his footsteps, so he’s careful to project the right things out to the world. 

As a Belarusian sporting star whose reach is constantly expanding due to his success on the global stage, he wants to show that being a good person is the ultimate goal.

The featherweight said:

“For me first, reputation is important. It’s best to have a good reputation. If you don’t have a good reputation, then people will say that you are not a good guy, not a good man. I focus on my reputation.”

‘Respect Your Family And Your Coach’ – Chingiz Allazov’s Advice To The Next Generation

There are plenty of reasons to admire Chingiz Allazov, but his kickboxing success is something that a large number of young people in Belarus hope to emulate.

With this in mind, the upcoming ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Title challenger has some simple advice – and it all stems from the simple act of respect.

The Gridin Gym man representative said:

“There are many kids that tell me they want to do the same as me. They ask me how they can become like me. I tell them to live an intelligent life. I say, ‘Focus because the amount of time you are training now will help you win many big fights in the future.’

“I tell the young fighters, ‘If the coach says to do 100 kicks, then you don’t do 100. You do 110 or 120. You work more, and this will help you in the future.’

“I tell them to respect your family and your coach, and maybe in the future, you will have a big life.” 

Although he moved to Belarus at just 9 months old, Allazov was born in Azerbaijan, where many youngsters also look up to him.

Some of them are aspiring fighters, and “Chinga” wants to help them achieve their dreams in the ring.

At the same time, he believes that staying committed – and staying out of trouble – can make all the difference.

He added:

“I have many young Azerbaijan fighters in my gym. I call them my younger brothers. I tell them all the time, focus on training, training, training. 

“Don’t fight in the street. If you want to fight, do it in the ring. Don’t smoke, don’t do these things. You know, I am a Muslim, and I follow these same rules.”

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