7 Things To Know About Demetrious Johnson Before His World Title Trilogy Fight With Adriano Moraes

Demetrious Johnson walks out to the Circle at ONE on Prime Video 1

Demetrious Johnson is one of the most incredible martial artists in history, but there is no great secret to his success.

The reigning ONE Flyweight MMA World Champion – who will defend his belt against Adriano Moraes in a trilogy bout at ONE Fight Night 10 on Prime Video on May 5 – came from humble beginnings and learned to work hard for everything he wanted.

That determination led to an incredible life and professional career, but the American superstar is not finished competing inside the Circle. Johnson now hopes to add another World Title victory to his resume at 1stBank Center in Colorado – ONE’s historic debut on United States soil.

Here are seven things to know about the MMA icon before he returns to action against Moraes.

#1 He Was Inspired By His Mother

Johnson was largely raised by his mother, Karen, who was deaf – although the young “Mighty Mouse” didn’t know it.

His mom never let her disability stop her from doing what was necessary, which included holding down multiple jobs to support her family. 

Seeing how his mom never limited herself gave Johnson the inspiration he needed to chase his dreams

#2 He Overcame Abuse During Childhood

Growing up, Johnson experienced abuse at the hands of his stepfather.

But rather than hold resentment toward the man responsible, the Kentucky-born star used the experience to make himself a better man.

He decided that he’d raise his own children differently one day, taking some positivity and motivation from a terrible situation. 

#3 His Wife Is His Biggest Supporter

Johnson is quick to state that his wife, Destiny, has been a crucial piece of his success.

The pair met while working at a Red Lobster restaurant together more than 15 years ago, and Destiny has been by DJ’s side throughout the entirety of his legendary MMA career.

Her unwavering support and belief have always pushed “Mighty Mouse” forward, and she’s seen firsthand what it takes to reach the highest levels of martial arts.

#4 He Understands The True Power Of Hard Work

From the age of 14, Johnson worked tirelessly in various jobs so he could earn enough money to pursue his combat sports goals.

Even when he was nearing his first World Title in the UFC, DJ worked full-time in factories and construction to make ends meet. 

He only gave up those jobs after claiming his first World Title, so it’s no surprise that he never neglects any minute of training – even now as an elite professional athlete. 

#5 His Flyweight Accomplishments Are Unmatched

“Mighty Mouse” entered ONE as a 12-time Flyweight MMA World Champion in North America, making him the most dominant fighter in the history of the weight class.

While many already believed he was the greatest of all time, his success after making the jump to ONE has further solidified that claim.

The 36-year-old immediately defeated three top contenders to claim the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix Championship and then dethroned Moraes to become the ONE Flyweight World Champion last year.

With a successful defense at ONE’s North American debut on May 5, DJ would only add to his unrivaled legacy. 

#6 Fatherhood Is His Biggest Motivation

World Titles and accolades are great, but Johnson says nothing will ever beat being a dad

He and Destiny have three children together, and “Mighty Mouse” is determined to give them the best possible lives.

There are always sacrifices to be made, but the AMC Pankration representative believes that a proper work-life balance and being present for his kids comes above all else.

#7 Gaming Is His Other Passion

Whenever Johnson manages to find some rare downtime around his training and family commitments, he uses his love of video games to build his other brand.

The Washington resident runs Mighty Gaming, where he streams and creates video content while connecting with his many fans.

When his competitive days in MMA are over, Johnson will be able to turn his other passion into his main business.

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