Demetrious Johnson’s Wife, Destiny, Reveals Why He Is The GOAT

Demetrious and Destiny Johnson welcome their daughter Tanyth to the world.

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson could not have become the best mixed martial artist on the planet without incredible hard work and sacrifice, and no one knows that better than his wife, Destiny.

The Mighty Wife” has watched her husband’s dedication to training since they first met as colleagues at a Red Lobster restaurant more than a decade ago in his early days as a mixed martial artist.

That has continued as he became a record-breaking World Champion and they raised a happy family together, and nothing has changed as “Mighty Mouse” prepares to challenge Adriano “Mikinho” Moraes for the ONE Flyweight World Championship.

“100 percent, his work ethic is unmatchable. I don’t know anybody that can work as hard as he does and smart as he does,” says Destiny.

It was this unfaltering commitment to the grind that took “Mighty Mouse” to World Title gold in North America and a record-breaking eleven consecutive defenses.

Even when he had a demanding full-time job, Johnson pursued his martial arts dreams with vigor, and the harder he worked, the more they became his reality.

“He has a goal, and whenever he sets that goal he’s able to just kind of milestone it – set [targets] one by one – and he’ll do whatever it takes,” Destiny reveals.

“There’s determination and a strong mindset that mean he sets his goals and he knows to assess all the things that it’ll take to get there, and he’s able to implement them and achieve them.”

Along with his work ethic, Destiny also believes that her husband’s humility has kept him focused on reaching the top.

“I think to [being able to] push the ego aside was 100 percent a factor,” she adds.

“That’s something that people struggle with – comparing themselves and not living their own way of life – and I think he’s been able to just keep [focused on] that road ahead of him.

“For DJ, it’s just, ‘I’m going to do what it takes to get to my goal. I’m not worried about the guy next to me.’

Following a tough battle, American star Demetrious Johnson poses with the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix Championship belt

The Johnsons now have three children, and that has added to Demetrious’ responsibilities, but he has still never taken his eye off the ball.

The AMC Pankration representative wants to achieve as much as he can in his competitive career so he can offer his family the best life when it is over, but for this reason, he has had to make difficult sacrifices.

Though “Mighty Mouse” is always upset when he misses out on time with his loved ones and family occasions, Destiny is certain those concessions have been crucial in his continued success, including winning back-to-back-to-back bouts to capture the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix Championship last year. 

“Birthdays, weddings, field trips, parties – he’s had to miss out on those because he’s training,” she says.

“I think those are crucial for a lot of people, but I think for us we’ve just found ways to try to look at the positives and know that he is obtaining a goal. He’s definitely been able to show that his sacrifices have led him to be able to obtain victories.”

All his success has made him the best mixed martial artist in history in the eyes of many fans and Destiny certainly agrees with that label, but she explains that she is happier about his commitment to his family.

Even when his martial arts career puts so much on his plate, he makes sure he can fulfill his role as a father and husband. 

“I think [the greatest of all time tag] is accurate. I think he’s amazing, but everybody has a perspective on the way that they view him,” she explains.

“We don’t really live our life like that, but he’s phenomenal. I think he’s the best at everything. The title of pound-for-pound [greatest], that’s something that I think anybody can give him, but I think that there’s some value that we hold in this sense that it takes a good balance of life.

“You know you can’t be the pound-for-pound champion and then other parts of your life suffer. For him, it’s more of just having a well-balanced life.”

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