‘It’s Part Of The Culture Of Gaming’ – Demetrious Johnson Can’t Wait To Get His Hands On Street Fighter VI

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Demetrious Johnson has been an avid gamer his whole life, using the downtime around his MMA career and family duties to play and stream the latest releases. 

While he’s currently focused on preparations for his ONE Flyweight World Title defense against Adriano Moraes in the main event of ONE Fight Night 10 on Prime Video, “Mighty Mouse” is looking forward to a new drop after his match on Friday, May 5. 

Street Fighter VI is set to hit the shelves in June, and once Johnson has taken care of business against Moraes in Colorado, he can’t wait to check out the latest installment of the legendary fighting game. 

As a Street Fighter fan for decades, the 36-year-old has kept up with the franchise from its earliest days in the arcades until now – and never lost his love for it.

“Mighty Mouse” said:

“I think it’s [had such longevity] because it’s part of the culture of gaming. I think Street Fighter was the first one to be out in arcades, and it’s where you go, you put a quarter up, and you go against somebody.

“They’ve been able to keep it going through so many years, slowly adding so many characters, but you’re always going to have the iconic characters: Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun Li, E. Honda, Blanka, Bison, Sagat – the list just goes on!

“I think what keeps that game alive is just the community itself, which drives the narrative of how the game comes out.”

As a gaming aficionado who keeps his ear to the ground with the latest movements, Johnson has high hopes for the fresh offering.

However, his level of anticipation also comes from the fact that Street Fighter V was released back in 2016, and he’s had to wait so long for the new cross-platform offering.

Speaking of his excitement, “Mighty Mouse” explained:

“They’re always adding new characters into the game. And it also helps when you have a huge fighting game community behind it. EVO and Capcom continue to produce these amazing games.

“I think Street Fighter V was very, very successful. And they waited [seven years] since they released Street Fighter V to Street Fighter VI. They’re always releasing new characters and new systems.”

Throwback: Demetrious Johnson Demolishes The Field At ONE Elite Retreat

Demetrious Johnson doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to Street Fighter – he walks the walk.

Back at the 2019 ONE Elite Retreat in Phuket, Thailand, the current ONE Flyweight World Champion took on all comers to prove that he was the promotion’s gaming king. 

He had challenges from the likes of Brandon VeraDanny KingadGurdarshan Mangat, and Jihin Radzuan, and none of them could topple the Mighty Gaming CEO. 

Former ONE Heavyweight World Champion Vera came the closest, and Johnson admits “The Truth” could be a force with the right training:

“The biggest challenge was from Brandon. He has true potential. I could take him as a Padawan and teach him to become a Jedi.”

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