5 Reasons Regian Eersel Is The Most Dominant Lightweight Striker On The Planet

Regian Eersel tags Arian Sadikovic with a kick at ONE 156

Longtime ONE Lightweight Kickboxing World Champion Regian Eersel can add to his legacy and become a two-sport king next Friday, October 21.

The Dutch-Surinamese superstar will battle Sinsamut Klinmee for the inaugural ONE Lightweight Muay Thai World Title at ONE on Prime Video 3, and given his current form, it’s hard to see anyone stopping Eersel’s charge toward the throne.

Ahead of this historic matchup – which will broadcast live from Malaysia in U.S. primetime – here are five reasons why “The Immortal” has become arguably the most dangerous lightweight striker on the planet.

#1 His Imposing Frame

At 6-foot-2, Eersel is a tall fighter for the lightweight division. And his long limbs help him succeed in a variety of ways.

The Amsterdam resident will have a wingspan and leg-reach advantage over Sinsamut, which means he’ll have a better chance to fend off the Thai slugger’s heavy hands. 

“The Immortal” also has a stiff jab to control the range, along with a powerful straight right that comes behind it.

Plus, his snapping front kick is a key tool for his distance management, and his hard low kicks help him rack up damage from further out while disrupting the rhythm of his rivals.

#2 His Fearsome Knees

The lightweight kickboxing king’s most feared weapons are likely his piercing knees.

Whether he’s attacking the head or body, Eersel can damage his opponents with those signature strikes – either as a single shot or to punctuate a longer combination. 

His long limbs help him shoot knees up to the head easily from a standing position, but he’s not afraid to go airborne with them, either. 

“The Immortal” will fly in from a long way out with a scissor knee or jump up to land from in close while he is pulling his rival’s head down, so there aren’t many places to escape them.

#3 His Relentless Pressure

Having to face Eersel’s nonstop work rate is a disconcerting reality for any foe.

To date, the 29-year-old has outscored his opponents by a ratio of 2.3-1, meaning they receive more than twice as many strikes as they dish out. 

With punches, kicks, and knees – and now elbows under Muay Thai rules – the Dutch-Surinamese warrior uses every possible tool to keep firing from all angles, hardly allowing any time for retaliation. 

Moreover, he never seems to tire, turning up the heat in the championship rounds and maintaining that pressure until the final bell.

#4 His Incredible Winning Streak And Sky-High Confidence

Eersel clearly has one of the most dangerous skill sets of any striker on the planet, and he looks unstoppable at the moment.

“The Immortal” has won 19 consecutive bouts overall and boasts a perfect 7-0 slate in ONE – including four World Title defenses – so his confidence is booming.

This self-belief combined with his ferocity makes Eersel a scary prospect for any rival.

#5 His ‘Immortal’ Mentality

All of the above is fueled by Eersel’s “Immortal” mindset. 

Although he is laidback outside the Circle, the Sityodtong Amsterdam representative immediately flips a switch when it’s time to go to war.

“I can really tell you I have almost another person inside me that is full of aggression. And it comes out in the ring. When I’m in there, I’m just in kill mode,” he explained.

So far, that fearless mentality and aggression have seen Eersel overwhelm his opponents en route to 26 career finishes and a stellar 58-4 professional record.

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