5 Facts About ONE: FULL BLAST II Striking Sensation Elias Mahmoudi

Elias "The Sniper" Mahmoudi celebrates his win over Lerdsila by rocking his cap

Elias “The Sniper” Mahmoudi is undoubtedly one of the most exciting strikers in ONE Championship, and he’s delivered some stunning performances on the global stage.

Next, the #4-ranked flyweight Muay Thai contender returns to action against Mongkolpetch Petchyindee Academy in the main event of ONE: FULL BLAST II, and a win might just punch his ticket to a World Title shot against divisional king Rodtang “The Iron Man” Jitmuangnon.

Before the show airs next Friday, 11 June, find out how “The Sniper” reached this point and what keeps him level-headed away from the Circle.

#1 Martial Arts Run In The Family

Mahmoudi’s father and uncle were both lifelong practitioners of martial arts and even opened their own training center, Mahmoudi Gym, in 1984.

So while it was inevitable that the young Parisian would be introduced to combat sports at some point, he literally grew up surrounded by them.

“My father and my uncle introduced me to martial arts. It’s my family tradition,” he says.

“I started going to the gym as soon as I learned how to walk. From my early childhood, I saw it, and I lived it. I was in the environment ever since I was a kid.”

#2 Earned His First Pro Win (And KO) In Thailand At 11 Years Old

Mahmoudi was so serious about “the art of eight limbs” that he traveled to the sport’s homeland at the tender age of 11 and committed to a serious fight camp.

Accompanied by his uncle, Nordine, the talented striker went to train at the famous Sityodtong camp in Pattaya, Thailand.

It was a whole new level for the youngster, who trained six hours a day and competed in his first professional Muay Thai bout that same year.

The training clearly paid off, as “The Sniper” won his debut with a flying knee knockout in the second round – earning his nickname in the process.

#3 He’s A Decorated Champion

While Mahmoudi wants nothing more than a ONE Super Series belt, he’s already amassed an impressive trophy collection.

The 23-year-old earned a plethora of amateur accolades, including French national titles and a gold medal at the prestigious IFMA Muay Thai World Championships.

In the professional ranks, “The Sniper” holds titles with the WBC, WMF, WPMF, and MTGP, having competed in China, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, and more.

#4 He’s A Model

While some fighters wear their scars of battle prominently, “The Sniper” has managed to keep his youthful good looks intact.

In fact, the Bonneuil-sur-Marne native spends his time away from training in front of the camera modeling.

Of course, the glitz and glamor of photoshoots will have to take a back seat while Mahmoudi chases glory in the Circle.

#5 Fishing Is His Sanctuary

The life of an athlete can be tough both physically and mentally, and Mahmoudi finds his respite at the riverbank.

“The Sniper,” has been an avid fisherman since his youth, and when he needs to get away from it all, he packs up his rods and makes for the water.

By the look of his catch above, it seems Mahmoudi is equally adept at ensnaring his aquatic friends as he is his rivals in the Circle.

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