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231222 BKK OFF46 1800x1200px
Dec 22 (Fri) 7:30PM ICT
Dec 22 (Fri) 7:30AM EST
Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Bangkok

ONE Friday Fights 46: Tawanchai vs. Superbon

231222 BKK OFF46 1800x1200px
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After a year of thrilling matches every week in Asia primetime, the world’s largest martial arts organization is ending an unforgettable 2023 with a bang.

On December 22, ONE Friday Fights 46: Tawanchai vs. Superbon will broadcast live from the iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, with an epic lineup that’s headlined by three World Title contests.

The global fan base will finally witness the long-awaited ONE Featherweight Muay Thai World Title showdown they’ve been craving, as reigning divisional king Tawanchai PK Saenchai defends his gold against #1 contender and pound-for-pound striking great Superbon Singha Mawynn.

Plus, Joseph Lasiri rematches Prajanchai PK Saenchai in a heated ONE Strawweight Muay Thai World Title unification bout, while Anissa Meksen and “The Queen” Phetjeeja battle for the ONE Interim Women’s Atomweight Kickboxing World Title.

The stacked card also features the returns of former longtime ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Champion Nong-O Hama, Scottish contender Nico Carillo, Thai breakout star Seksan Or Kwanmuang, and more.

So mark your calendars, put a reminder in your phone, and find out how you can watch ONE Friday Fights 46 live on December 22 in more than 190 countries around the globe!

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Fight Card

Featherweight Muay Thai World Championship
PK Saenchai vs. Singha Mawynn
Tawanchai Avatar 500x345 1
Superbon avatar 500x345
Strawweight Muay Thai World Championship
Lasiri vs. Prajanchai
Joseph_Lasiri avatar 500x345 champion
Prajanchai avatar 500x345 1
Joseph Lasiri VS Prajanchai PK Saenchai
Italy / Morocco Country Thailand
Interim Atomweight Kickboxing World Championship
Petjeeja vs. Meksen
Petjeeja Lukjaoporongtom Avatar 500x345 1
Anissa_Meksen avatar 500x345 1
Phetjeeja VS Anissa Meksen
Thailand Country Algeria / France
Bantamweight Muay Thai
Nong-O vs. Carrillo
Nong O_Gaiyanghadao avatar 500x345 2
Nico Carrillo Avatar 500x345
Nong-O Hama VS Nico Carrillo
Thailand Country Scotland
Catchweight (140 LBS) Muay Thai
Seksan vs. Daz
Seksan_OrKwanmuang avatar 500x345 1
River Daz Avatar 500x345
Seksan Or Kwanmuang VS River Daz
Thailand Country Australia
Catchweight (136 LBS) Muay Thai
Muangthai vs. Anane
Muangthai_PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym avatar 500x345
Nabil_Anane Avatar 500x345
Muangthai PK Saenchai VS Nabil Anane
Thailand Country Algeria / Thailand
Bantamweight Muay Thai
Kulabdam vs. Aminipour
Kulabdam_Sor_Jor_Piek_Uthai avatar 500x345 1
Fariya_Aminipour avatar 500x345
Flyweight Muay Thai
Petsukumvit vs. Black Panther
Petsukumvit 500x345
Black Panther Avatar 500x345 1
Petsukumvit Boi Bangna VS Black Panther
Thailand Country Thailand
Bantamweight Muay Thai
Suablack vs. Coakley
Suablack 500x345
Craig_Coakley Avatar 500x345
Suablack Tor Pran49 VS Craig Coakley
Thailand Country Ireland
Catchweight (132 LBS) Muay Thai
Ogasawara vs. Chorfah
Eisaku_Ogasawara Avatar 500x345
Chorfah avatar 500x345
Catchweight (132 LBS) Muay Thai
Suriyanlek vs. Sor Sommai
Suriyanlek_Por_Yenying avatar 500x345
Yodkrisada avatar 500x345


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