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Rodian “The Redeemer” Menchavez

Weight Limit
158.73 LBS / 72 KG
5'5" FT / 167 CM
30 Y
Brawler's Lab

About Rodian Menchavez

Status: Former ONE Athlete


The Philippines’ Rodian Menchavez grew up in tragically impoverished circumstances, with his parents even having to forage from the forest to feed their five children. Eventually, Menchavez went to live with his uncle and aunt, where he would pump and deliver water to earn some money. While it was hard work, he grew increasingly stronger, both physically and mentally.

Menchavez would soon turn his attention to the martial arts, first starting with boxing due to its local popularity, but switching to Muay Thai after being amazed at the variety of techniques available while sparring. After years of training, he happened to see mixed martial arts on television, and was immediately enthralled.

He then began training with the Wrestling Association of the Philippines in hopes of competing in the cage, before linking up with famed wushu world champion Rene Catalan at Catalan Fighting Systems. In pursuit of knowledge, Menchavez even spent an extended period in San Pedro at Brownhouse MMA, where he practically lived in the gym to train with Ariel Oliveros and the Checkmat Jiu-Jitsu Philippines team before returning to Manila.

ONE Championship Records

Event Results

Result Method Round Method and round Opponent Opponent and event Country Date Event
Submission SUB
R2 (1:45)
R2 (1:45)
R2 (1:45) Yoon_Chang_Min avatar 500x345 2
Yoon Chang Min
South Korea
South Korea Dec 6, 2019
Mark Of Greatness
Dec 6, 2019
Knockout KO
R1 (0:10)
R1 (0:10)
R1 (0:10) Li_Kai_Wen avatar 500x345
Li Kai Wen
Pinnacle of Power
Jun 23, 2018
China Jun 23, 2018
Pinnacle of Power
Jun 23, 2018

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