Vincent Latoel Wins Lightweight War Against Vaughn Donayre

Vincent Latoel (17-6-2) earned a decision victory over Vaughn Donayre (8-7) on Saturday in Jakarta after three competitive rounds in ONE Championship’s lightweight division. The victory snapped a two-fight losing streak for the Dutch kickboxer, but it did not come easy.

The first round saw both men trade measured punches and kicks with one another. Latoel fought upright, moving in and out in a straight line and with many low kicks, while Donayre used good lateral movement and punches.

The pair exchanged powerful shots late in the round, with Latoel defending a takedown attempt and landing briefly in top position.

In the second round, “Magnivincent” and “The Spawn” aggressively mixed it up on the feet with more high-level striking before Latoel caught a kick from Donayre and turned it into a double leg takedown.

From off his back on the mat, the Filipino fighter briefly threatened with a straight armlock, an arm-in guillotine choke, and a flower sweep, but Latoel defended them all and landed powerful ground strikes to the head at the close of the period.

In the third round Donayre came out of his corner with a head full of steam, marching Latoel down with rapid-fire punches. However, Latoel defended and changed levels to score a takedown.

Latoel controlled the pace on the mat from on top inside the full guard before the referee forced the men back to their feet. Not to be deterred from his effective strategy, Latoel immediately shot in and scored with another takedown.

The Dutchman rode out the rest of the fight on top, securing the win. Donayre himself raised Latoel’s arm before the decision was announced, declaring Latoel the victor by way of unanimous decision.