Eduard Folayang’s Top 3 Ways To Stay In Shape

One look at Eduard Folayang, and you’ll know immediately that this guy knows fitness. The ONE Lightweight World Champion is a prominent fixture in the promotion, utilizing his world-class striking skills paired with amazing cardio.

If an opponent’s gameplan is to outwork and outlast Folayang, chances are that plan will fail. It takes a much fitter individual to outdo Folayang physically, and it’s testament to how much work he actually puts into training.

What he does isn’t just for athletes though. Folayang will be the first to point out that his favorite workouts are easily accessible to most anyone. You just have to make the effort and everything else will fall into place.

Here are Eduard Folayang’s top three ways to get fit.

#1 Jogging 

Like most fitness fanatics, Folayang likes to run. It’s something that he does when he gets up early in the morning, and before he goes to bed at night. The result is amazing cardiovascular health and endurance, and enough energy for him to get through the rest of his training.

As such, running is an activity Folayang highly recommends.

“Running and jogging is an activity that you can pretty much do anywhere, whether on the treadmill at the gym, or outdoors where there’s more to see. It’s one of the best ways to lose weight and get fit, in my opinion,” said Folayang. “Everyone knows running gets your fitness up and makes you healthy, but a lot of people still feel lazy to actually go running.”

According to Folayang, to successfully fight this, you have to make a commitment.

“Get into it. Buy a great pair of running shoes and running clothes. Look and play the part,” he added. “It’s one of the most basic workouts because everyone can do it, and the way it makes you sweat is good for your body.”

#2 Martial Arts 

Folayang has been a martial artist nearly his entire life. But even if he wasn’t putting his skills to the test inside the cage, Folayang says martial arts is still one of the best ways to stay fit.

“If you ask the students at my gym, they will tell you that martial arts is the most fun they have ever had working out,” said Folayang. “It’s not just a great way to burn calories and fat, it’s also an interesting thing to pick up — the science of self-defense.”

Aside from competing as one of ONE Championship’s famed world champions, Folayang is also a gym instructor at Baguio City’s Team Lakay MMA. He says he enjoys teaching quite a lot, because martial arts is so interesting that you just want to continuously know more about it.

“Obviously, with me being a fighter, I will highly recommend martial arts,” said Folayang. “It develops all aspects of your fitness from your cardio, to your balance, to the coordination of your body movements. Things that other workouts simply cannot do.”

#3 Hiking & Other Outdoor Activities

If you’re not into either of the previous two, then maybe you will enjoy something a little different. According to Folayang, taking your mind off of exercise is the key to doing more quality exercise in a consistent manner.

“Hiking or trekking is what I would recommend for people who like to explore and see new things. The views are breathtaking, and the clean mountain air is fresh and pleasant,” said Folayang.

Pack your bag, bring the necessities, and join your local mountaineering club, Folayang says. Pitch a tent and watch the sunrise from the side of a cliff. Bask in the cool mountain air and the company that you keep.

“The higher you climb the mountain, the more calories you burn, but you will hardly even notice because it’s so engaging mentally and physically,” said Folayang. “You’re not focused on how difficult it is to climb, but rather you’re more focused on the stuff you can see and do along the way.”

And once you’ve reached the top and have claimed your victory, Folayang says, you’re pretty much just halfway through.

“The best thing about hiking is once you go up, you have to come back down — you have no choice!” laughs Folayang. “That’s twice the calorie expenditure. No one’s going to pick you up from the peak of a mountain just because you’re too lazy to come back down.”

Images: Dux Carvajal