‘Powerful Weapons Ready To Trade’ – Sinsamut Expects Fiery Clash With Dmitry Menshikov

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Sinsamut “Aquaman” Klinmee knows he will be within reach of another shot at the ONE Lightweight Muay Thai World Title if he is victorious on Friday, May 3. 

The Venum Training Camp athlete has posted back-to-back wins since his last shot at Regian “The Immortal” Eersel’s belt in March 2023, and if he can defeat the in-form Dmitry Menshikov at ONE Fight Night 22: Sundell vs. Diachkova on Prime Video, he could mark himself out as the clear top contender. 

Menshikov also came up short against Eersel last year, but with consecutive knockouts to his credit, the Russian firecracker is back in business – meaning the stakes are high for the upcoming lightweight tilt at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.  

Aware of the risk-to-reward value of the clash, Sinsamut said: 

“This fight is considered important for both of us because Dmitry is one of the top fighters in this division. He’s a dangerous and all-around fighter. If I can beat him, I may have a shot at gold again. 

“The life of a boxer is always risky. I don’t want to fight with an opponent who has much lower strength than me. I want to compete with Dmitry to prove who deserves to become the next World Title challenger.  

“Right now we are both in top form and riding on the momentum. Let’s test our skills in the ring to the fullest.” 

Sinsamut and Menshikov have shown their knockout power time after time inside the ring, blasting their way to victory over some elite rivals.  

So, while “Aquaman” is sure it will be a hard-fought battle where the threat of a finish is only ever a split-second away, he thinks this bodes well for those watching live in Bangkok and around the world in U.S. primetime. 

The Thai star said: 

“I think this fight will be evenly matched and enjoyable to watch. The fans should watch it carefully because the fight could end in the blink of an eye. Both of us will come to the ring fully armed. We have powerful weapons ready to trade.  

“It can be said that we absolutely cannot be careless or there can be a chance to finish the fight suddenly.” 

Sinsamut Faster And Stronger For Dmitry Menshikov Clash 

Sinsamut Klinmee has a lot of respect for Dmitry Menshikov’s arsenal, but rather than focus on the Russian’s game, he is more concerned with putting forth the best version of himself on fight night.  

“Aquaman” always turns up in incredible shape, but he believes one of his biggest improvements this time will come from a new training regimen that is leveling up his athleticism. 

The Thai star has spent a lifetime amassing skills, and he is trying to bring his conditioning to the same level in preparation for May 3. 

Speaking about his training camp, he offered: 

“In each fight, I will adjust myself first. I focus on preparing my strengths to make sure that I’m fully ready for the fight. I don’t focus on the opponent. I just want to focus on myself, to see what I still lack. There were trainers to help me strengthen my speed and strength.

“Now my physical condition is 100 percent thanks to the sports science coaches who have come to take care of me closely. They have made me stronger than before. I didn’t train just train Muay Thai like the way I used to.” 

Now feeling like he can match the bruising Russian in physicality, Sinsamut thinks that a level playing field will allow his skills to shine even brighter. 

Sometimes attributes can be a great equalizer to acumen, but with the 28-year-old hitting his physical peak, he expects his Muay Thai experience to give him the edge. 

He said: 

“I can’t reveal my game plan too much, but I will try to make the most of my Muay Thai skills – which are better than his – in this fight. I think that will be the key factor to win this fight.” 

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