Alain Ngalani Uses Insane Flexibility To Social Distance On Train

If you’re riding public transportation without a mask, you won’t be getting anywhere near Alain “The Panther” Ngalani.

On Thursday, 16 July, the Hong Kong resident shared a video to Instagram that showed him using impressive flexibility to stop a non-masked subway rider from sitting in his row.

As the man comes to sit down, “The Panther” extends his right leg across multiple seats – and then does the same with his left, doing a full split to block off both sides.

In his caption, Ngalani wrote, “If you are not wearing a mask in public transport, keep your distance! Don’t argue with me.”

The post serves as a PSA to wear a mask on public transportation and to keep appropriate distance in public settings. There’s no doubt that both of those factors are vital in our collective battle against COVID-19.

With that in mind, the four-time kickboxing and Muay Thai World Champion is doing his part to inspire fans worldwide during one of our most trying times.

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